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Week II: Civil and Mechanical Engineering

No description

Darin Gray

on 20 July 2015

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Transcript of Week II: Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Our Blueprint
For this project, we planned to have 3 people make the rover and 3 people work on the bridge. When the rover was finished, we had all hands on deck to work on the bridge. But, throughout the project, there were times when people took on certain responsibility and worked on parts in pairs or independently.
Engineering Principles and Fields
This week, we got a taste of what civil engineering was like.
We used principles such as:
Method of Joints.
All these principles can be applied to civil engineering and the construction of bridges. We had to calculate the strength of our bridge and the amount of stress it could take before collapsing.
The Development of The Bridge and Rover
Achievements & Road Blocks
If We Could Make This Better
If we could change our bridge, we would like to make ALL the pillars the same size and add more reinforcements to the bottom deck.

We would clean up the existing supports to make sure that they were sturdy.

Lessons Learned
We realized that next time we work on something, we need to:
Make sure everyone in the group knows that's going on for that particular part. The bridge and car people really needed to know what the other was doing for things to flow smoothly.
Not plug all of the glue guns into the same extension cord
Make sure our measurements are accurate and that they are communicated effectively
Stay positive even when you have two minutes left and no clue what you've done the entire wee
If We Had a Clean Slate
If we could redo this project:
We would make sure that everyone knows what is going on during certain points of building and design
We would make sure that the car worked the first time so we wouldn't have to fix it the day of the test
We would make sure that everyone knew exactly what the bridge design was so there wouldn't be later disagreements
We would also burn ourselves less and not drop knives on the bridge
Moving forward:
Keep communication strong and productive
Continue to divide and conquer work and play to group members strengths
Why our bridge failed (or as Rick says "had difficulties") and the bricks died
One post connecting the sub-structure to the bridge was only a single bar thick and it disconnected from the bridge causing failure.
Week II: Civil and Mechanical Engineering
Squad 110
We built a working car that is less than 8 inches long
first group done with car, so we made adjustments
We finished our bridge and it stood!
Road Blocks....
Sometimes we didn't communicate properly and the measurements came out wrong
There were times when our group couldn't decide on a design and we ended up wasting time
Before We Could Build a Bridge
The Group Breakdown
Bridge Team
Rick, Goutham, Kylie
Car Team
Leo, Tiana, Dymier
Individual Tasks
helped design bridge supports and build bridge
designed car and built car and helped build the bridge.
worked on the car, helped make bridge, and Prezi
helped design bridge, made top and bottom supports of the bridge, and worked on the Prezi
worked on the car and helped build the bridge
helped design base pillars and build bridge
Before We Could Build a Robot Car
"When engineers fail people die"- Professor Gray
and today they did.
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