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NoSQL Controversy

Getting a discussion started at the ViennaDB meetup (April 2013)

Philipp Krenn

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of NoSQL Controversy

...and discussion
Database development:
30 years of standstill
Big database vendors and DBAs ruled
People forgot how to build databases (cf. prohibition in the USA, http://blog.8thlight.com/uncle-bob/2012/05/15/NODB.html)
History repeates itself:
"[Teradata]'s very similar to the Tandem story: it's a sort of one-trick pony. It doesn't have referential integrity; it doesn't have all the fanciness. You give it SQL; it gives you back the answers, very fast, and presumably cheaply, because it's running on Intel processors and on commodity disks." http://www.mcjones.org/System_R/SQL_Reunion_95
Ted Neward (2004): "Object-Relational mapping is the Vietnam of our industry"
Schema changes get easier
At least at first

Schemaless development is great
Schemaless ops are a nightmare
Polyglott persistence is great
If you can handle it
"Nobody gets fired for choosing IBM"
RDBMS: What answers do I have?
NoSQL: What questions do I have?
You don't always need multi-document transactions,
eg. MongoDB:
Different structure (embedded documents, arrays)
Add entity or do cleanup -> try-catch on unique attribute
Application- vs data-view,
who is the gatekeeper?
"KnowSQL is the new NoSQL"
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