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Optional Parts of the Business Letter

No description

Mary Grace Romero

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Optional Parts of the Business Letter

Addressee Notation
Letters that have restricted readership or those which must be handled in a special way should include such addressee notations as PERSONAL, COMPLICATED or PLEASE FORWARD. These appear in a capital letters two lines above the inside address.

Dr. Mary Anne R. Robles
Chief, Medical Services
STC, Sta. Mesa, Manila
Subject Line
It is a device to let the recipient know what the letter is all about. It further helps indicate where to file the letter for future reference. It is typed below the salutation against the left margin, or indented as the paragraphs in the body of the letter are, or centered on the line.
c) For negative news. Negative messages like refusals and rejection, disciplinary notices, negative performance appraisals, layoffs and firing, and recalls or notices of defects, are supposed to be stated positively without being offensive.


Negative: You can not enjoy the discounts offered because you have not submitted your purchase booklet.

Positive: You will enjoy the discounts offered as soon as you send us your purchase booklet.
Optional Parts of the Business Letter
Thank you!
cc. Dr. Salvacion J. San Diego
pc. Prof. Remedios S. Romualdez
c. Johnny S. Chua
copy to Prof. Peregrin M. Bautista

Sometimes, it is desirable to keep the sending of copies a secret from the person who receives the original copy of the letter. In such case, the notation cc, ( computer copy), bcc, (blind carbon copy) or bpc (blind photography) appears with the name- but only on the copy, not on the original- where the copy notation would normally appear.
a) Dear Dr. Robles
Subject: Requisition of New Medical Equipment

b) Dear Dr. Robles:
Subject: Requisition of New Medical Equipment

c) Dear Dr. Robles:
Subject: Requisition of New Medical Equipment
Writing the Subject Line
a) For informative and positive messages like reader benefits, discounts, grant of request, and the like, highlight the good news.


1. Discount on Rental Cars Effective January 200__
2. New Tuition Fee Reimbursement

b) For neutral messages, summarize the message.


Update on Arrangement for Video Conference with Korea
Enclosure Notation
This appears at the bottom, two lines below the reference initials.

Common forms are:

Enclosure (2)
Enclosures: Resume
EP: fr or EP/fr

Reference initials appear one double space below the last line of the typed signature and are set flush with the left margin. In some companies, only the typist initials, in lowercase letters, appear.


Truly yours,

Elizabeth R. Paz
Elizabeth Paz, Manager
Cubao Branch

(One double-space)
EP: fr or EP/fr

(If you type your own letter, omit the reference initials).
Reference Initials
(also known as Stenographic Reference). The reference initials refer to the sender of the letter and to the typist. The sender's initials are typed in capital letters, separated from the typist's initials in lowercase by a colon or a slash.
Attention Line
This can be used to direct a letter to a department. It is useful, too, if you know only the last name of the person you are writing to. It is typed two spaces below the inside address. It may be typed against the left margin, indented as the paragraph in the body of the letter, or centered. The word attention may be underlined.
The Medical Dental Services
SSC University of the Philippines
Sta.Mesa, Manila

Attention: Dr. Robles
Attention: Chief of Medical Services
Attention: Chief of Medical Services
Copy Notation
This may follow either the reference initials or enclosure notation. It indicates who is receiving carbon copies or photocopies ( cc or pc or just c) of the letter, the names, preferably listed in the order of rank or in alphabetical order.
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