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Edite Zazerska

on 19 June 2009

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Transcript of .

CULTURA@RUM *My Mission To try a lot of new things in different kind of projects where RUM is taking part. But if pointing out my preferences... Advantages for me Having new knowledge and experiences,
that would do good for my future

Seeing the "inside" of organising music and photo projects

Trying out my skills in some areas which are new for me Advantages for RUM My "human resource" when succeeding in completing the tasks

Perhaps some new points of view (background of my previous jobs in the area of culture and advertising)

Flexibility and fast learning Possible problems Solutions Lack of portuguese language

Not enough knowledge in some areas of tasks Portuguese language studies

Searching and studying the information needed for completing the tasks Why? Area of culture is the one I want to connect my future job life

Music is my passion and I have an interest in visual arts Learning portuguese language Observing portuguese culture,
lifestyle, work-style Personal studies, which could do
good for completing furthure tasks ACTION PLAN Hopefully portuguese language
in a good communicational level Better understanding of local culture For ex.,studying GIMP opportunities, ETC. MY WORK PREFERENCES IN OBRIGADA :) Projects in the area of
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