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SocEnv 2

CEnv is a cross-sector qualification that provides a respected benchmark for individuals working to mitigate and solve environmental challenges.

Arran Poultney

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of SocEnv 2

Becoming a CEnv demonstrates your environmental credentials and can improve your career prospects and help you develop your skills and contacts
What are the
benefits of CEnv?

CEnv is a professional qualification offered by the Society for the Environment (SocEnv) that can be applied across all sectors.

It provides a respected benchmark for individuals working to mitigate and solve environmental challenges.
What is the Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) qualification?
Key Competence Areas

The CEnv qualification
is awarded
by SocEnv’s
licensed bodies
Application of knowledge and understanding of the
environment to further the aims of sustainability.

Leading Sustainable Management of the Environment.
How to apply for CEnv
• It means employers and clients can have confidence in your professional skills
and competence and commitment to continuing professional development

• It provides you with a framework for continuing professional and career
development and demonstrates your commitment to professional standards

• It enhances your credibility, demonstrating your professional standing,
for example as a consultant or expert witness
The many benefits include:
There are now over 7000 CEnvs from a wide range of professions, including academics, scientists, consultants, utilities managers, engineers, lawyers, designers, accountants, estates managers, and energy, water and waste management professionals.
As a CEnv you can become part of a diverse, multi-disciplinary community dedicated to the environment
What other CEnvs say about their experience

Application is a
four step process
CEnv status is conferred through membership of one of SocEnv’s Licensed Bodies
You will need a relevant Master’s level qualification and have sufficient practical experience to meet the CEnv Key Competences.
How can you
achieve CEnv?
Don’t have a Master’s degree?
Don’t worry, experienced CEnv assessors can provide guidance on additional routes to CEnv based on vocational experience
Ask for an application from your professional body

Include your CV and written report demonstrating
how you meet the 12 CEnv Competences

Attend a peer reviewed interview

Sign the CEnv Code of Conduct
Who are SocEnv’s licensed bodies?
Find out firsthand
what CEnvs have to say…
• It provides you with access to training, resources and contacts to develop
and benchmark your skills and understanding

• It puts you in touch with thousands of environmental professionals,
helping you to see yourself as part of a wider environmental community.
The many benefits include:
Want more information?
Contact us today…
Key Competence Areas

Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills.

Personal commitment to professional standards, recognizing
obligations to society, the profession and the environment.
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