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“Media production is dominated by global institutions, which

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JJ Ralph

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of “Media production is dominated by global institutions, which

Global institutions - production company.

Dominated - taking over.

media production - film industry.

services and products - films/movies.

national audiences - you!!

“Media production is dominated by global institutions, which sell their services and products, to national audiences.”
Independent Institutions
Independent institutions are often much smaller and not part of a media conglomerate.

They have limited funds and often feature up-and-coming actors with occasional stars.

They don't have access to the same distribution techniques as the major companies, often relying on the technological convergence between smart phones and social media in order to advertise and raise awareness of the film.

These methods are less risky financially, which allow them the opportunity to aim their products at a very niche audience without facing a loss of millions.

Locke (2014) produced by shoebox and im Global.

Budget of under £1m

relied heavily on Tom Hardy's reputation to get financial and distribution backing.

showed on only 118 screens in the Uk/ 73 in US.

shown on netflix within 9 months of release - Increasing audience potential and potentially less 'need' to pirate
Domination by Conglomerates
Big film conglomerates tend to dominate the mainstream film industry because of their larger budgets for advertising and production.
They tend to make franchises to get the maximum out of consumers through. They also use synergy to help promote films by using the other companies they own to advertise it. They also have enough money to buy big actors to draw in even more viewers.
by JJ, Jess, Cameron
“Media production is dominated by global institutions, which sell their services and products, to national audiences.”
Points to include from case study:

21st Century Fox own 20th CF.

Produced Deadpool (2016) on a budget of £41m.

Brand synergy includes: finance from TSG Ent, distrubution also by 20th CF. - Wider audience can be reached at lower cost.
Examples From Case Study
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