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Copy of Häagen Dazs Marketing Plan

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yolanda efrossinidou

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Häagen Dazs Marketing Plan

Current Marketing Situation Competitive Situation Market Situation Financial Objectives Situation Analysis Marketing Plan for The philosophy of haagen dasz is to find the purest and finest ingredients in the world and craft them into the best ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt available. It is a way of doing business that is as demanding as it is uncommon.

And it is the reason why the brand has epitomized fine ice cream for nearly half a century and the century aside was so tasty and delicious aside from the taste and texture of deluxe mabirics to the owner of the house. Today Häagen-Dazs is the leading ice cream making company in the whole world. Its head quarter is in New York. They are offering many products like ice cream, frozen yogurt, stick bars etc. Opportunities •Increase range of low fat products •Awareness through heavy advertising •Increase in demand for economical set meals Threats •More dessert places around Metro Manila
•Steep Pricing/ lower pricing of competitors
•Government health campaign •Bee Population Strengths Weaknesses •Storing •Environmentally Friendly •Lack of Advertisement •Super Premium Price •Limited Flavors for the Low Fat Products •Perishable Executive Summary Product Situation What are the products? Ice Creams Stick Bars Crispy Sandwich Multi-Packs Ice Cream Cakes Haagen Dazs has several competitors in the Philippine ice cream industry which include Nestle, Magnolia, Arce Dairy, and Selecta. Macro Environment Situation Distribution Situation Ice cream distribution in the Philippines typically involves distributor, wholesaler, and retailer. Most domestic brands have small regional operations with plants situated near their major market due to lack of cost-effective cold chain facilities. Delivery Service Catering Häagen Dazs differentiate their service delivery by having timely and fast delivery. Häagen Dazs caters to firms, households during occasions like functions or balls. Demographics Age Income Education Consumption Behavior Economic Conditions The economic condition of the market is very healthy due to the fact that their income level is high. Haagen Dazs developed brand with an attached history of perfection and luxury The company has very good image in the world. Strong market position No Any Direct Competition Uses the finest ingredients to deliver product excellence Vastly invested in consumer research Used creativity and innovativeness to support brand identity Strong advertising campaigns Issues Analysis Honey Bee Population Grow earnings per share Boost annual return on investment Increase annual dividends per share Maintain a positive cash flow Haagen Dazs objectives are as follows: Haagen Dazs financial characteristics: Strong Cash Flow Solid Balance Sheet, Attractive Returns Moderate Capital Investment Requirements Attractive Profitability Marketing Objectives 1. Expanding the market share by penetrating into the younger market.
2. Create a new look to the café.
3. Strengthen Häagen Dazs niche in the targeted market.
4. To increase per customer sales per visit.
5. To increase the consumer market for the low fat yogurt products with the emphasis of healthy lifestyle and living.
6. To convince consumers that money is well spent and worth its while for there is quality in the product.
7. To set aside more money for promotions to increase the awareness of the people on the products.
8. Continuously maintain prices at a competitive level.
Marketing Strategies Target Market Affluent, pleasure seeking adults who are generally brand conscious, innovators and trend followers. Health conscious, young adults who are interested in desserts but prefer natural ingredients and low fat substitutes. Positioning Superior flavour and texture are principal to Haagen-Dazs and their definition of quality extends much further. Haagen-Dazs brand quite obviously signifies its commitment to perfection. Haagen-Dazs prefers to find better natural alternatives and make sure that their customers know about this. Product Line Haagen-Dazs offers to customers a wide range of products. Basically, there are seven different classifications for their products. Under each classification, there are many other different sub-products with various flavours. rice Haagen-Dazs was launched at a price 20% to 40% higher than its closest competitors and many times higher than the lower-priced products. Haagen-Dazs’ marketers look at these actions as creating more value for their customers. Distribution Outlets (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr S & R Membership Shopping Centers Rustans Supermarkets Unimart Supermarket Duty Free Fiestamall Robinsons Supermarkets Landmark SM Mall of Asia Edsa Shangri-La Plaza As the market is consisting of the people that have maximum income level and definitely they are living in the highly moderated urban areas of the country. Service A Pleasant and Cozy Ambience
Service with a Smile
To Provide an Efficient Delivery of Service to Customers
Advertising Strategies Public Relations Strategy "There are almost no Haagen Dazs products being introduced to public without the support from newspapers, magazines, television stations." Action Programs Implementation Strategy •Integration of Marketing Mix Components
•Time Frame for the Implementation
•Task and Activities Organization
Evaluation • Monthly Financial Statements
• Progress Evaluation
• Feedback Channel
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