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Adnan Syed: Innocent

No description

Kailyn Schexnayder

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Adnan Syed: Innocent

Hae min lee's murder case
A d n a n S y e d
Pakistani (Muslim), male
J a y w i l d s
police records of Jay's interviews:
Jay calls Jenn after Adnan "kills Hae"
Jenn said she asked him a bunch of questions
"Why?" "B/c Hae broke Adnans heart"
"How?" "Strangled her"
"Where?" "Best Buy Parking Lot"
Jenn meets up with Jay and Adnan after to pick Jay up
Adnan was acting perfectly normal but Jay was scared and shaken up
Jay said "they needed to hide the shovels better"
She brought him back to the mall so he could dump the shovels separately then he dumped his clothes at F&M
d e f e n s e o n p r i d e
* Did Adnan kill Hae because of his pride from his religion?
Evidence about Pride because of religion
A s i a ' s l e t t e r t o A d n a n
A d n a n' s C h a r a c t e r
*What's Adnan's character?
Hae Min Lee
19 years of age
Korean, Female
Supposed to pick up cousin--never showed
Student at Woodlawn high school
part-time job at LensCrafters
01 / 13 / 99
Possible Runaway?
Athlete: Lacrosse, Field hockey
Found Dead
02 / 09 / 99
Leakin Park *
17 years of age
track alibi (can't confirm)
student at woodlawn high school
Eyewitness 1/13/99 ; library
so-said responsible of murder
Jay's friend; met them that day

Another eyewitness; 2:45 at school
very inconsistent
shouldn't be used in trial
J e n n' s I n t e r v i e w:

A d n a n S y e d :
*Why was Jay taking so many precautions if Adnan did it?
K a i l y n S c h e x n a y d e r & S u m m e r S t. A n n
Homecoming Scene:
Adnan's mom was very strict on their religion; pakistani
Shouldn't date only marry
His parents found out he was going to homecoming with a girl
Showed up to homecoming and yelled at him then made him go home
*"Saw parents, mother raise voice at Hae, himself standing with nothing but shame..." (this is what Adnan was thinking)
*Adnan wasn't that religious
Stealing Scene:
there were two witnesses that said Adnan stole from his mosque
But both said he was still a good person
Adnan admits it
He was in 8th grade
Four-five of the boys stole a little bit of money from the donations to go to movies and arcade
Wasn't proud
Pope was sad but said "doesn't make him a murderer"
*Pride story does not work
*But does this give Adnan bad character?

Hae's Car Scene:
Hae got into car troubles and called Adnan for help
Don was already there (Hae's new bf)
Don and Adnan looked at car together
Don said Adnan acted completely normal and was really nice
Adnan even brought Hae home
Sal (close friend of Adnan):
Said "Adnan was not that upset about Hae"
Confirmed girls Adnan was talking to
"Adnan pretty much knew they would not stay together because they were to different"
Elliot (old classmate):
He was nerdy in school and not that athletic
Said "Adnan looked after him"
Adnan never let him be picked on in gym and would encourage him
Adnan made him feel liked
* Doesn't seem like a killer
* No one says anything bad about him
* Seems like a good person
Fight Scene:
A classmate of Adnan's heard a rumor
"Adnan was talking bad about him"
Went to confront Adnan and Adnan said that he did not talk about him
The classmate started getting really mad so Adnan grabbed him and kissed him on his cheek
The classmate instantly could not be mad anymore
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