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Christian Retreat Camp and Conference Center

No description

on 17 March 2017

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Transcript of Christian Retreat Camp and Conference Center

Title Justification:
Christian Oasis Centre: A Retreat Camp and Conference Centre
Project Goals and Objectives
to provide a retreat center of both interdenominational and of international standard with the buildings and environment well related together
to create and generate a special distinctive peculiarity for spiritual development, prayer and worship center
to shape and transform the users spiritually, psychologically, socially and morally
Statement of the Problem
This study aims to promote awareness on why do people need to attend retreat programs and conferences, to promote one common good and that is to enhance the spiritual aspect of an individual as one with nature and also, to give justification as to answer the following:

1. What are the latest innovation and trends for Christian Churches?

2. How would the project create a suitable environment through Architecture that would enhance and transform the user spiritually?

3. What would be the impact of Retreat Camp and Conference Center in the community?
A Retreat Camp and Conference Centre
God, Nature and Architecture
"CHRISTIAN OASIS CENTER" is focused on the love of God for man and the relationship between man and God, how it can be enhanced through Architecture. This work is to optimize and uplift the spirit of people's relationship with God and themselves by creating a serene Architectural environment which the evocative structures and spatial organization will enrich the mind of people and enable the spirit of the entire users to grow for deep spiritual intercourse, meditation, inspiration and transformation without distraction.
to design an organic form to provoke emotional responses for inspiration through the facilities provided
to design different sets of accommodation for different set of people to allow for full concentration to achieve spiritual growth
"Retreat gives one the time and space to allow for the growth of this basic human quality.” - Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Site Criteria
An oasis of spiritual refreshment

Site Studies
Sungay East Tagaytay
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