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National Apprenticeship week 2017

No description

on 26 July 2017

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Transcript of National Apprenticeship week 2017

Focus on Technology apprenticeships
Options to consider
Different levels available depending on you and the opportunities available.

Level 2- Intermediate
Level 3 - Advanced
Level 4 - Higher
Degree Apprenticeships e.g. MMU & Liverpool John Moores
School Leaver Programmes - offered by employers
Points to take away
It's an alternative to University.

It's a paid job with training.

Different levels depending on circumstances.

You can gain a Degree in some apprenticeships.

You can apply to both Uni & Apprenticeships!
Higher and Degree Apprenticeships
What is an apprenticeship?
A real paid job with training

An alternative to university

Must last at least a year

Must include some form of training
Some of our student destinations last year
What Can you do?
Earn & Learn
Is an apprenticeship

for me??
Can I do a Degree with an apprenticeship??
Apprenticeships aren't paid well, are they?
How can I find an apprenticeship?
What is the social side like?
Valuable work experience
Employability skills
Google: Find an apprenticeship
What else is going on this week?
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