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Charlie Ficzeri

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Harriet Tubman
Araminta Ross was unfortunately born into slavery.
She took her mother's name and after she married then she took her husbands last name.
Early in her life, her master made her a nursemaid for a baby, she had to stay up all night to make sure the bay didn't cry and if it did the baby's mom would brutally hit her time after time.
This is a picture of Harriet Tubman as a child.
Harriet had 8 siblings Linah, Mariah, Soph, Robert, Ben, Rachel, Henry, and Moses. Her grandma arrived in the U.S from a slave ship
This is a picture of harriet's family
Harriet did not have any education growing up, she was a slave her whole life, she began a slave from as little as 12 years old.
Harriet faced great injustice, once her owner was so angry and through a 2 pound weight at her head.
Giving back
When harriet escpaed she felt bad for all the other slaves so she made a system called the underground railroad, which is were she snook out slaves from their owners, and took them through the underground railroad and took them to places were slavery was illegal
Lasting Impact
The lasting impact Harriet had on the world was even though she escaped from her nightmares she went back to help bring people to freedom which is very courageous
What we can learn
What we can learn from Harriet Tugman is to be brave and courageous like she was when she was saving the slaves.
Harriet Tubman.org
national geographic.com
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