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Balloon Destroyer

Balloon tower defense 5 where you destroy balloons where going to talk about the towers,balloons and why its fun

fernando galvan

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Balloon Destroyer

The next tower in the game is the Boomerang monkey he can attack two balloons at the time and it shoots at regular speed.It can attack three balloons at once.It is better used when it is the place of start where balloons come so it will delay balloons to come to the end.
I give thanks to everyone and stay happy.
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for watching
Types of Towers
We will be talking about the towers.
Balloon tower defense 5 is a game where you can destroy balloons with towers and upgrades.
what will be talking about
Balloon Destroyer
What we will be talking about
We will be talking about the towers with upgrades.
In this box we will take about the dart monkey.The dart tower is the basic tower when you start playing in solo to practice.The dart tower is a monkey with darts,he is regular tower. He will do everything to destroy the balloons.His range is regular and the speed is regular.This is my favorite tower

Tack Shooter
The tack shooter is the next tower is the second tower you will unlock in the game.The tack shooter can shoot in eight different ways.At first it has low range and is low.He is best used in the places with curves.
Dart monkey
Sniper Monkey
The Sniper Monkey is the next tower you will unlock in the game.He is high range,can shoot everywhere ,but is slow at shooting.He can destroy more layers than the other towers.It is better if you put it on corners.
Boomerang Monkey
Ninja monkey
The next tower is the Ninja Monkey in the game.he has regular speed and regular range.He can shoot one time.This tower lets you see camo balloons,but it will not grant it to other towers.he
Bomb tower
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