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SMAC - Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud

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Steven Wexelstein

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of SMAC - Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud

SMAC Planys Cloud develops unified, web-based service platforms that enable new, SMAC business models to be implemented

We specialise in service integration and cloud migrations
Public & Private Cloud Services
New & Legacy Systems

Unified developments are single services with multiple access points
Technology - smartphone & tablet apps, web-based dashboards
Stakeholders – customers, administrators, content providers, consumers

A Couple of Examples of Business Model Innovation Provides Opportunity For Business Model Innovation It Needs A Unified Way Of Thinking To take advantage of this we need to think of each SMAC area as a unified platform Currently these opportunities are being addressed in silos Web based public music streaming for (cool) Retail Chains, Product Branding & Placement Marketing

DJ & Celebrity’s curate playlists. Product sponsorship and footfall driver

BBC Radio 6 Demographic

Creative Scotland funded - distribution platform to help independent artist promotion and revenue generation To cope with this data there needs to be a low cost, scalable infrastructure underneath Search engine Google serves more that 694,445 queries 6,600+ pictures are uploaded on Flickr 320 new accounts and 98,000 tweets are generated on Social Networking site Twitter 600 videos are uploaded on YouTube videos, amounting to 25+ hours of content Share, Chat, View, Comment, Like, Rates creates vast data streams …
Thank You

(S) - Creation of the Open Ear Music label to break down the licencing barriers and create a buzz about new music

(M) - Creation of a gamified music app for mobile

(A) - Use of consumer generated content to drive analysis around users tastes in venues

(C) - Creation of a new solution using cloud technology to keep capital costs low and move to operational costs model New Business Model 695,000 status updates, 79,364 wall posts and 510,040 comments are published on Social Networking site Facebook I’m here to talk about SMAC Steven Wexelstein
COO Planys Cloud We are entering an era of explosive growth in computing devices and data creation.

We are on the cusp of the “Internet of Things,” a tipping point when most computing devices, and the majority of data created, are done so without human intervention. By 2020 ... The SMAC stack will represent $5 trillion in spending.
As many as 100 billion computing devices will be connected to the Web.
Corporations will be managing 50 times the data currently managed. SMAC SUMMARY Effects Limited experience caused by PPL/PRS limitations
Prohibitive licencing costs for small companies to enter
Technology barriers for delivery of streaming music Constraints Bound by PPL and PRS licencing agreements
Licencing existing legacy software from 3rd party to deliver Issues Around Old Business Model SMAC is the fifth wave of consumer and corporate IT! New Technology Architectures Are Enabling New Business Models The power of disruptive business models — such as those pioneered by Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Google, etc. — originates from managing SMAC technologies as an integrated stack and fundamentally enabling business models by using this integrated technology stack. Launched 2004

300 million photos uploaded every day

As much as 70% of all likes, comments and shares in Facebook are related to photographs

1.1 billion photos uploaded during the 48 hours over News Year’s Day and Eve.

  In 1976 had a 90% market share of photographic film sales in the United States

Due to slow adoption in digital the company struggled to adapt its business

Kodak files for bankruptcy in early 2012. Example: Photograph Processing Winner Market cap, $99 billion. “What we want to be is something completely new. There is no physical analog for what Amazon.com is becoming.” – Jeff Bezos “What I found most compelling was the Borders brand and the people. Borders is a muchloved, highly regarded brand with some of the most intelligent and engaged employees I’ve worked with in the retail industry.” George Jones, CEO of Borders Group in 2008

Fewer than four years later, Borders was out of business Example: Book Retailing Provides channel to social services … Instant access to content through an
explosion on smartphone adoption Mobile Takes Over From Desktop in 2013 Cloud Mobile Social Analytics What is SMAC? Coming Soon!
Unified Cloud Service Solutions Commercialisation & Technical Strategy
Consulting 'you should run social media campaigns’ ‘you need a CMS website – you need an iPhone app’ 'Use Google Analytics, Adwords and SEO techniques' ‘you need to make sure your data is secure’ Marketing Agencies Website App Developers Digital Marketers Hosting, Security & Compliance Providers Open Ear Service Social Mobile Analytics Cloud Music Streaming Solution Created Through Hybrid Cloud Approach Gamified Consumer App
Rating and Feedback Loop for Consumers
Venue offers for users Building Music Reputation

Community Engagement Through Opinion Tracking Business Use What Gets Played and When
What Tracks Were Skipped
Consumer Understanding and Targeting

Company started as a motorcycle safety training video company supplying video & information to road safety organisations & local authorities

Collapse of public sector budgets resulted in less spend

But lots of knowledge and good industry connections Creation of a proof of concept
Created a demonstrator & Generated direct commitments from Manufacturers, Insurance Companies, Accessories & After Market parts manufacturers. Realised that there was an opportunity to connect motorcyclists (strong common interest group) in a social network environment. Created Real Rider Service Social Encourage the users to share information and show usage behaviours. Social provides the incentive and value for users to return. Mobile Health and safety aspect to the app provides a compelling reason to sign up Analytics 'Heading out to Inverness this morning really looking forward to it ' 'Just bought a new Honda CF05CR , wish I could afford a Harley' 'Really fed up with my insurance company' Cloud Summary Platform and iphone app launched 14th February
Android launched this week
5k users in system
First mass email campaign this week to 75k users Provides bespoke background music for venues Company has been running since 2006 Currently licencing 3rd party software to deliver solution = non scalable solution Summary Music Streaming solution deployed April 2013
App ready for launch May 2013
Original licenced software cost 750k to build and took 3 years
Open Ear system was 10% of that in 9 months
Moved capital expenditure into operational expenditure
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