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No description

Jessica Cegueda

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Restaurant

Put down the phone! Restaurant Etiquette What not to do while dining out! Something to remember while dining out! So the next time you go out... "As a manager, I never really thought about how a guest should behave. I guess I've just been more concerned with how WE as managers and the servers treat THEM."
-Joaquin Alvarado
Assistant Manager Mind your children. Keep in mind: If it's a full house, expect to wait:
-to be seated
-for bar drinks
-for your food Respect you server! Shout Where are we going to eat tonight!? Do Not: Snap Whistle Insult ...at them! The rules indicating the proper and polite way to behave. Do: Don't: Cuss Server usually gets paid $2.13/hr and relies on tips for income. Server does not COOK your food. Server does not MAKE your drinks. "Should you behave in a restaurant? Should you care what your waiter thinks of you? Does it matter if you show your appreciation? I know well how closely and in what terms the mood and behavior of customers can be tracked."
-Anthony Bourdain Don't worry! "Friendships and deals can be won or lost over a meal. Showing that you know the rules of fine dining mean that you do your homework and can give you the edge. Enjoy the experience and let's do lunch!"
-Ann Mah Why is it so important!? A 3- and 4-year-old can learn to aay "please" and "thank you". -Rosemary Black
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