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The Hero's Journey: The Brave Little Toaster and The Odyssey

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Spencer Skaggs

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey: The Brave Little Toaster and The Odyssey

A Comparison Between "The Odyssey" and "The Brave Little Toaster" The Hero's Journey: Introduction Conclusion Picture this: a weak, young man with no hopes and dreams, no willpower, and no courage to face even the smallest of his problems. Hero material? I think not. A true hero is brave and warm-hearted, exactly like the toaster from "The Brave Little Toaster". After being carelessly left at a summer vacation house in the mountains, a vacuum cleaner, electric blanket, radio, lamp, and toaster go on a journey to find their beloved master, a little red-headed boy. They persevere through many new struggles during their long trek, but ultimately find their way back to a place of happiness with the master, much like the story of "The Odyssey". Both the "Brave Little Toaster" and "The Odyssey" follow the order of the Hero's Journey like almost all other stories. In this, a hero receives a reluctant call to adventure and crosses over a threshold to an unknown world where they will meet mentors to help them through future tests and trials. The hero will approach the innermost cave and endure their worst nightmare. They eventually go back to the ordinary world after a resurrection with a treasure or new trait. The lovely hero from "The Brave Little Toaster" receives an unlikely call to adventure, encounters tests and enemies along the way, and endures a seemingly impossible ordeal in his inmost cave. Thesis Statement The "master", a young red-headed boy, had been away from his summer vacation house for 2,000 days, and vacuum, radio, lampy, toaster, and blanket were missing him and longing to see him once again. They got tired of doing daily chores, and they get into an argument with the air conditioner about their neglect. The toaster gets the idea/call to search for their master after hearing the radio's story of a terrier finding it's way home after being left at a fishing trip. The Call to Adventure "The Brave Little Toaster" The Innermost Cave "The Brave Little Toaster" is a endearing story of a courageous young toaster that travels across a world unknown to him to find his treasured master. He receives the call to adventure, encounters tests, allies, and enemies, and perseveres through his innermost cave. He went through every step of the Hero's Journey cheered on by his friends to complete his necessary task, reuniting with his master. Though their sorrow lasted for a short while, hope showed them the way to victory. As a wise man once said, "All's well that ends well". By: Spencer Skaggs "The Brave Little Toaster" "The Odyssey" Odysseus received the call to his journey when he was forced to go to war in Troy by draft. He had to leave his known and beloved home and fulfill his goal, to win the war and retrieve Queen Helen of Sparta. He was somewhat reluctant, but still had to travel overseas. Tests, Allies, and Enemies "The Brave Little Toaster" On their way to their master, the appliances run out of battery power, Lampy gets electrocuted trying to restore power to the battery, the battery is lost over a waterfall, they all sink in quick sand, a man tries to take them apart and sell their pieces, and they are almost crushed by a disposal machine. "The Odyssey" Odysseus' journey included his men being reduced to very few and eventually none, much like the appliances' battery power. Both were necessities for the hero of the story. When Odysseus faces Polyphemus, it seems as if all hope is lost like when the battery power is depleted. Although it doesn't seem as though they can continue, Odysseus blinds the cyclops and Lampy restores the battery power. Odysseus faces other challenges, but continues on. The household appliances finally make it to their master's house only to find that he is gone. Likewise, Odysseus' bag of winds brings him within view of Ithaca, but finds his ship blown back to their location days before when his men open the bag. The strong-willed appliances' innermost cave/most difficult struggle was at Ernie's Disposal. After the master's modern electronics threw them in the dumpster saying they were outdated, the group of adventurers are taken to Ernie's Disposal. While there, they meet dilapidated cars and decrepit objects people have thrown out. A large magnetic crane is picking up the junk, and it is putting them on a conveyor belt to be crushed and compacted into small cubes. The weary group is told they are worthless and unusable. They have to have faith in their master's unwavering loyalty. They have to keep trying to complete the quest. "The Odyssey" Odysseus' innermost cave was proving his identity and love to his wife. He had to complete two tests of skill and wit. He had to endure the humiliation of his wife not trusting nor recognizing him when his old dog had. When Odysseus is disguised as a beggar, he is treated as though he is repulsive and below all of the rest of the suitors. Odysseus and the characters of "The Brave Little Toaster" were treated in the same way. Odysseus must feel that the suitors' words are true when his wife tested him for a second time. Both Odysseus and the toaster must prove their faithfulness, even after every hardship in their journey previously. Odysseus must show his skill and memory. The toaster must sacrifice himself to save his master and friends in a heart-wrenching moment.
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