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Bigdata Presentation 2

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on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Bigdata Presentation 2

Meta Analysis
Ashraf, Chanikya, Hemchand, Sujith
The End
Overview of Data Extraction Process
Regression Analysis
Big Data Strategy
Movie Predictions
Data Extraction Process
Regression Analysis
Potters Five Forces Analysis
Threat of new Entrants :
Threat of new Entrants is Less due to cost barriers.But increase in technology has increased threats to industry.

Bargaining power of Customers (buyers) :
Bargaining power of customers is and buyers in intense due to abundance of films

Bargaining power of Suppliers :
Bargaining power of suppliers is very intense and unique for this industry famous craftsmen and artists can be classified as suppliers.

Threat of substitute Products :
Threat of substitute products is moderate.

Intensity of competitive Rivalry :
The Intensity of competitive rivalry is intense due to the number of major players like Walt Disney Studios, Paramount Pictures Corporation
Potters Five Forces Analysis for Warner Bros
Regression analysis redone considering more independent variables.
Data Extraction Phase - 2
Dependent variable : Revenue
Independent variables : Actor Presence
Director Presence
Production Presence
Pr cutoff value : 5%

Influential Parameters
Director Presence

New Linear Regression results
Movie Predictions
Big Data Strategy
Dependent variable : Revenue

Independent variables :
Actor Presence
Opening Week end sales
Director Presence
Production Presence
Tomato Meter
Tomato Rating
Tomato reviews

Influential variables : OpeningWeek Sales, Notable Actors, Notable directors, sentiment score and Genre
Production House identification
Future Movie Prediction : Identifying Actor , Director
Data to Collect :
Social media reviews
Platform specific viewership

How to collect :
reviews from facebook and twitter mentions
viewership from various online companies (eg.,netflix , hulu)

All aspects of the movie including marketing strategy and distribution should be analysed
Marketing should be done from mass audience to individual connection
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