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Walt Disney

No description

Jennifer Lee

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Walt Disney

Walt Disney
Animation Career
Early life

He was born December 5, 1901 in Chicago. His parents were poor, so he could not get proper education and had to move a lot for their living. He also had family trouble. However, he was creative and loved drawing. He did many things for a living but never gave up drawing.

Start of Animation Career
Walt left the company temporarily to earn some money and worked at the
Kansas City Film Ad Company
. As he worked there, he got interested in animation and decided to start an animation business. His boss let him borrow a camera from the company
Stat of Animation Career
With this new technique, Walt started animating the fairy tales, and the first one was
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
"The film became the most successful motion picture of 1938 and earned over $8 million on its initial release, the equivalent of $134 million today." (Google, 2013) After the success, the company created other animated fairy tales and the cartoon series such as Pinocchio,Bambi, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan,Donald Duck and Goofy.
Golden age of animation
War Period- WW2
During ww2, he made many animations to encourage soldiers who fought with Nazi and the family like, Der Fuehrer's Face and Victory Through Air Power. They got popular very fast.
Disneyland and the death
Walt Disney had a dream of building theme parks with the characters he created. The first Disneyland was built on Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, and opened on July 17, 1955. 'Over the years, Disneyland has expanded its rides over time and branched out globally with parks in Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong, with a Shanghai location slated to open in December 2015.'
Walt Disney
Walter Elias Disney was an American animator, filmmaker and voice actor who created numerous famous fictional characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. As a co-founder of
The Walt Disney Company
with his brother, Roy O. Disney, he contributed to entertainment in the 20th century within the American and the international animation industry.
Early Life
Golden Age
War Period
Disneyland and Byoend
Early life
He loved to draw even if his father strongly disagreed. He used to draw his neighbor's horse and animals around him and it was remarkable. While he was working as a newspaper deliverer, he had a dream of being an artist as he read the cartoons in the newspapers. Eventually, his father allowed him to learn arts and he took night courses of arts and later became a cartoonist for the school newspaper. He drew many political cartoons about WW1 with a dream to join the army. Finally he dropped out of school to join the army.

Early life
He wasn't of age to be able to join the army but he faked it and got in. He was signed in French. He worked as an ambulance driver and worked at the army store. While he was working at the army store he didn't stop drawing and was able to earn some money by selling his drawings on lost country's army helmets, which were the Germans army helmets.

for studying. Finally, Walt joined his company again with the first employee, Fred Harman, who was working at the Ad Company. They started creating a series of cartoons called
and it became famous in Kansas City.
Walt and Harman were still struggling with the financial problem, so they set for Hollywood as a new starting point with a new series, Alice Comedies, which they made when they were in the Ad Company. This comedy needed a distributor and was rejected by many studios, but New York distributor, Margaret Winkler, saw the potential of the animation and signed on to contribute. Walt directed the comedies himself and Roy was the cameraman and photographer. Roy had done the work and when the comedies succeeded, they founded the
Disney Brothers Studio
with the money they earned in 1923.
Start of Animation Career
Mickey Mouse
In 1926, There was a character called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit which made an instant success, but the staff of the company were under the control by the producer except for Iwerks who created the main character, Oswald. Moreover, Oswald was owned by the producer. Therefore, they created a new character that replaced him, Mickey Mouse.
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse was based on a mouse who grew up as a pet while he was in the Laugh-O-Gram studio in Kansas City. Iwerks reworked on the character to make it easier to conduct for animation. That's why Oswald and Mickey Mouse look similar. The name Mickey Mouse was named by Walt's wife and Walt was Mickey's voice. Mickey Mouse was the first character who had a personality that was loved by many people. Then the studio was extended with a name of the Walt Disney Company and Mickey Mouse becomes a logo of it.
Colour Animation
Walter wanted to make more livable animations than the past animations he had done, so he studied colour print. In that period, colour print quality was bad so couldn't use it. Therefore, in 1932, Walt made it succeed for the first time with a technique, Multiplane Camera. Walt got awarded for 8 years in a row because of this technique.
Golden age of animation
Fairy Tales
He died from lung cancer which was caused by smoking. He was a chain smoker for his whole life.
On December 15, 1966, he died in a month after he diagnosed, in Burbank, California, United States, at the age of 65. After he died his brother, Roy carried on the plans to finish the Florida theme park, which opened in 1971 under the
name Walt Disney World.
Flowers and Trees (1932)
Questions of Walt
Anti- Semitic?

After that, he decided to become a cartoonist and was hired at the Pesmen-Rubin Art Studio with his brother's recommendation. He created advertisements for newspapers, movies, and magazines. He met a cartoonist, Ubbe Iwerks there and made their own company when their time at the studio expired. This is the starting point of
The Walt Disney Company
and at this time the company was called
Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists.
Questions of Walt
He has accused as a racist and anti-Semitic, because his many animations in 1940's has the very anti-Semitic and racism motions. Therefore, after Walter died, some were reanimated and some won't be seen in public. For example, Dumbo black crows; Fantasia's, Song of the South, and Three Little Pigs scene. Also, in 1938, Walter personally welcomed Nazi director to his studios. Many employees who worked for him say he was a racist and anti-Semitic.

didn't like sharing honer ,stealing the credits.
Was he a good man?
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