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Males in Early Childhood Education

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Jenilyn Hatt

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Males in Early Childhood Education

The Stigma Behind Males in Early Childhood Education
What Do the Parents Say?
I would welcome male early childhood educators. A more balanced gender representation would be good for adding more different perspectives and personalities.”

“I think that males play an important role in early childhood education. Males are potential role models for the children and a balance of exposure allows the children to think broadly as they grow and reflect later in life.”

What Do The Early Childhood Educators Say?

What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?
Percentage of Males vs. Females in
Early Childhood Education
“Being apart of a child’s development, observing their learning and creative processes.”

“Seeing a smile on a child’s face, knowing that you contributed to their growth and development.”

“Working with a variety of people- the children, their families, as well as other professionals.”

“Being able to teach, nurture, and love the children.”

What Aspects Of The Profession Do You Think Would Most Attract High School Males?
Mentors to very young minds
Males are able to bring different perspectives
Monday to Friday work week with daytime hours
Health and medical benefits
Physically active play
Being a role model
Flexible working environment
Not a typical desk job

Nova Scotia Early Childhood Education Assistance Program

Applicants may be eligible for up to $5000.00 per year for a maximum of four years
A person may be eligible if:

They have graduated from an approved full- time diploma or undergraduate degree program.
They have received a student loan through the Nova Scotia Assistance Program during their years of study.
They provide proof of employment at a licensed daycare or at a family home daycare center in Nova Scotia.
Males In Early Childhood Education
Benefits of Having Males in ECE
Father Figure
Social Development of Children
Promoting/Supporting Males Going Into ECE
career fairs
information sessions
pamphlets & information booklets
gender-friendly facilities
photos of male caregivers
sports programs/activities
"My children worked with male daycare teachers and they loved the experience!"
Goals & Summative Evaluation
A step in the right direction...
Short-Term Goals:

-Increase high schooler awareness of ECE programs;
-Decrease high schooler stigma of males in ECE

Intermediate Goals:

-Increase male enrollment in ECE programs over the next 3 academic years;
-Increase parental awareness and openness to idea of men in childcare

Long-Term Goal:

-Decrease societal adherence to gender-stereotyped roles
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