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My CLMOOC Reflection

No description

Grace Raffaele

on 2 August 2014

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Transcript of My CLMOOC Reflection

Production Centered
Academically Oriented
When I made my meme, I was able to think about an issue that mattered to me and find the words and the metaphor that would communicate that topic to others in an interesting way.

The Make Bank is a place to see how to use these experiences academiclly in the classroom. There wasn't a challenge we approached that didn't have our work as teachers in mind - and in the conversation.
The 5-image story had a clear but open-ended purpose. We were welcome to use any of the many ways we might conceive of and create a story and a wealth of ideas for possibilities shared by the community. It was a lot of fun to think of my own story,add my own production challenges and then to get advice from others on how to visually represent the images online.
When we were invited to hack our writing and then, to think about light, we all shared the same purposes but we found many different ways to accomplish them.

We all also shared the same purpose in being in this community - to explore and experiment and learn together. There is something slightly different about having a shared purpose rather than a common goal: we may have achieved different goals, but we shared the same purposes.
Shared Purpose
Peer Supported
A Journey Among the Stars

We were invited to share and participate in several open networks the CLMOOC made available. I was surprised how many I felt comfortable with:
The Google + Community
The Blog Hub
Google Hangouts
My Own Blog

I must say that the Google + Community was the "glue" that kept me bonded to this community - because of it and the like-minded members, I wasn't going to give up or fall apart!
Openly Networked
The Google + Community was an amazing way to get support for the ideas and challenges we were engaging in. There was a sharing of ideas. There was individual feedback. And there were personal stories and a great sense of humor! I was so happy when my first post got a response - and I immediately felt a part of a warm and welcoming community.

Interest Powered
My journey was slow but I was able to take it as it worked for me and to follow my own interests within each cycle. And seeing the paths of others also kept me interested in the possibilities. Here's a recap of my personal journey. (close-up of text coming...)
Cycle 1: How to
All I did was "think" about what kind of how-to I "might" make.
Cycle 2: Games
I didn't atually play any but I looked into an aspect of games that I hadn't thought about before but that became of real interest - the musical compositions used in games.
Cycle 3: Memes
I was not familiar with this genre until I used the resources the CLMOOC provided and then I was able to make more than one that interested me. It was a new-found interest!
Cycle 4: Hack Your Writing
This was the first thing I actually "made"! There were so many different ways people were interpreting "to hack" that I was encouraged to think about what I could do.
Cycle 5: Storytelling with Light
The idea of photographing light interested me so much that I even forgot about the storytelling part! Similar to Cycle #4, this became something like a "mission" for me - how many interesting views of light could I find in one day?
Cycle 6: 5 Image Story
I was immediately interested in this one mainly because it was image-focused. And while the actual content was a lot of fun (and maybe even funny at times!), it was the help with new tools for displaying the images that was also important - and will be long-lasting.
And now, the journey home filled with new ideas and possibilities ...
with many thanks to the CLMOOC creators and to all of the members of this community. I have felt so supported, learned so much and now have the thoughts and energies of Connected Learning powering my engine!
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