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Jewish life In Europe Before the Holocaust

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mario letko

on 27 July 2015

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Transcript of Jewish life In Europe Before the Holocaust

Jewish life In Europe Before the Holocaust
Jewish Eastern culture
-Pre Holocaust and WW 2 Jewish life in Europe prospered

-Proximity 9 million Jewish people lived in Europe prior to the Holocaust

-There was a separation between Eastern and Western Jewish culture

-Eastern culture which included Poland, Soviet Union, Hungary

-Eastern culture was very old fashion also very poor

Jewish Eastern culture
- Spoke their own language Yiddish, the routes were Hebrew but adaptations of other languages over the years

-Segregated themselves from the outsiders in small villages and towns called "shtetls"

-Jewish life existed in Europe centuries before the Holocaust

-Jewish culture was not a single group or nation they were wide spread and lived in a variety of places

- they had many different languages

-They were culturally and religiously religiously diverse

-Even with Hitler having no role in politics after WW1 Jews were still discriminated against in some way or another

Jewish Way of life
Jewish Communities
- Due to the discrimination this was a big factor why they were dispersed so widely across Europe

-Eventually with enough migration there were areas in Europe where the Jewish people found greater opportunity of acceptance

- Jewish communities formed their own clubs, unions, churches, schools this gave them a seance of purpose and belonging

- Formed together to ward off attacks from anti-Semitic supporters but many traditional jews did not support this act

Jewish Western Culture
-Western culture included Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium

-This culture was integrated into society

-They adopted traits from their countries and did not focus on their Yiddish routes

-They were able to excel in the aeries they were excepted into
Jewish life in Germany
- 1933 nearing WW2 Jewish life as they knew it would change

-Tensions roes creating a threatening political atmosphere Germany was the most affected by this

Economic depression radical nationalism, Communism and dissatisfaction with democracy created a antisemitic way of thinking

Jewish life in Germany
- 600,000 Jewish people lived in Germany prior to the Holocaust

- These Jewish families had settled in Germany almost 2000 years ago

- Germany faced major problems after WW1

- Germans segregated themselves from all non Germans including the Jewish residence

Hitlers influence
- While Hitler was just beginning politics he and his Nazi party portrayed themselves as strong leaders and had answers to all the problems in Germany

- Tensions started to rise in the early 90's

-The Nazi aggressively addressed problems and gain many supporters

- Hitler built on and used antisemitic ideas that already existed

-Hitler and the Nazis also thought that people could be divided into different races and that there was a struggle going on between these different races. According to the Nazis the ‘Aryan race’ was the best and strongest race
Glimpse of a Jewish Community
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