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Jean Baudrillard: "Simulacra and Simulation"

No description

Michael Röösli

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Jean Baudrillard: "Simulacra and Simulation"

Precession of Simulacra
Crucial position of mass media
Models to construct
Anticipation of 'glitches'
Inconsequence ('critical' art works)
Control of Desire Simulacra and Simulation Map "Carta Marina" by Olaus Magnus (1490-1557) Territory represents Sign Reality Charm (S&S 2) Premodernity In Borges' short story
"On Exactitude in Science": "covers"
corresponds Postmodernity Simulation:
Hyperreality <access denied> substitutes Substitution (S&S 2) Reality? (S&S 2) ??? Modernity Copy Reality reproduces 1st Order 3rd Order 2nd Order Baudrillard defines
Simulacra of the... Simulation Definition Simulation vs. Dissimulation (3)
Principle of reality unsettled
Symptoms (Studying Med, WN)
Is it real? Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder (PTSD):

Contagious? Everyday Simulation Jogging
Natural Food
PC desktop, folder etc. From S&S (13) Cut from the 'Real' Meat packages
Fashion (use vs. simulate) Disneyland (12)
Cloisters (11)
Supermarkets Consequences Cindy Sherman:
Untitled Film Still #33 John Waters:
Pecker ? Examples in Baudrillard Examples in White Noise 3 Consumer goods of the students
7 Hacking-jackets
8 Weight of consumer goods
9 Babette's yogurt
12 Murray's boarding house
19 Ugliness to succeed with Hitler
24 Murray's studied looks
44 Tibet
50 People become phone numbers
110 Plane crash - what for?
130 Sweaty palms
146-7 How can we know what is a symptom?
162 A model for simulation
165 The sum total of your data
236 Murphy's law The cloud (148)
Dylar (215-6)
Mr Grey (ch. 39)
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