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Mountain Men

No description

Skye Carbajal

on 24 April 2016

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Transcript of Mountain Men

How to be a Mountain Man
Follow all these steps very carefully so you can become a certified and experienced, expert Mountain Man.

*beards not included*
What You Need
1. Grow a beard
2. Get a mountain
3. Trap beavers
Where They Came From
Manifest Destiny
Manifest destiny, a idea that originated in the 1840,is a belief that it is America´s mission to expanded there civilization and industry across all of North America.
Famous Mountain Men
Modern-Day Mountain Man
Robert Campbell was leading the first trapper party from Taos to sell beaver pelts in California in the year of 1827.

John "Grizzly" Adams captured and tamed bears for zoos and circuses, this is how he got his nickname.

James Beckwourth was a black man who was a legendary pioneer and mountain man, but also a role model for the 1960's civil rights movement.
How They Dressed/Their Customs
Mountain Men usually married Native American Women.
This communion caused them to adopt the Native American ways. They dressed in fringed buckskin pants, moccasins, and beads. They also lived in wood lodges.
Mountain Men in Cinematography
How to be a Mountain Man
For Dummies

The people of the east knew of the land and resources of the west and used the belief of manifest destiny as there reason for moving land to territory were the Native American already lived. The mountain men lived in the mountains of Oregon in log cabin and only the necessities.
Famous Mountain Men Pics
Mountain Men Song Lyrics
*"Macho Man" by the Village People was used as influence in the making of this song.*
Mountain, mountain men,
I want to be a mountain man,
I trap beavers all day,
And give it back to my company,
Mountain, mountain men,
I want to be a mountain man,
I'm going to be the best in the west,
Everyone will be wearing my furs,

Chorus Again
Men of the mountain,
They like their furs from beavers,
Skin those beavers now!
Fur Companies

The British established several trading posts in the region as did the Americans like John Jacob Astor of New York who organized the American Fur trade in 1808 and it became the largest of the Fur companies in America. He built trade with the East Coast, Pacific Northwest, and China.
The Fur companies hired trappers who over time became known as Mountain Men.
Note to Mr. Larash
Madison and Skye were the co-authors of this presentation. Both had equal parts in the making of each and every slide.

*no Madisons or Skyes were hurt in the making of this prezi
What Became of the Mountain Men
Mountain men eventually killed off most of the beaver population in the region and could no longer trap the once bountiful animals. Several went to farm in Oregon and some found other occupations including Jim Bridger,Kit Carson and others who became guides to lead the parties of settlers now streaming west.
Mountain Jokes
Skills You Need to Be a Mountain Man.

1. Mountain climbing
2. Mountain goat herding
3. Beard braiding
4. Beaver trapping
5. Beaver gutting and skinning
6. Beading
7. Settling rendezvous with fur traders.
Haiku #2
Moccasins, buckskins,
Native American wives,
Lived in wood lodges.

Trap line Tragedy
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