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Amelia Holly- Australian Shepherd

No description

Jason Montgomery

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of Amelia Holly- Australian Shepherd

Time trials
Ranked 34 By Amelia Holly History of the Australian Shepherd Physical characteristics Temperament Needs and Upkeep Health issues Extra information Breed information By Amelia Holly Who bred it??? Basque immigrants Why was it bred? Strength
Vigour Where and when was it bred? Spain-Australia
1800 How was it breed and what dogs was it bred from? Bred through rigourous selection
Bred from Spanish dogs Coat
Eyes Energetic
Protective Excercise
Sleeping arrangement
Brush Eye
Hip and back

Eye and Hip tests are recommended What are they? Rodeo
Native Americans
History Thank you for watching :) The Australian Shepherd Basque 12-15 years life span
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