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French Cluture

Jeffrey and Sarah

Sarah Wishloff

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of French Cluture

by Jeffrey and Sarah French Culture Traditions Food always wait for host to say "bon apetite" before eating
no elbows on the table
hands should be visible at all times
always try to finish everything that is on your plate
if you are not finished eating and must leave the table for some reason, place you fork and knife in a criss cross over the plate Etiquette Music Throughout the 17th-19th centuries classical music played a major influence in shaping french culture.
Classical music in France began in association with the Roman Catholic Church
The French Classical style is often distinguishable between the classical styles of other countries
France has produced many of the greatest classical composers and artists of all time including:
Jean-Philippe Rameau
Jean-Baptiste de Lully
Claude-Achille Debussy Leisure Activities 27% of French people read the daily newspaper
There are 10 national newspapers and 109 regional ones
about 60,000 books are published each year
France is ranked #1 in the world for magazine readership
over 97% of all French people read at least one magazine monthly Newspapers, Books and Periodicals Entertainment Language Religion Classical Opera The first French Opera "Akébar roi du Mogol" was performed in 1646
Jean Baptiste Lully, originally a French composer, became the pioneer of French Opera
Created a French version of the traditional tragic Italian Opera
This tragic French Opera "tragédie lyrique" became immensly popular in the King's court
Lully also pioneered the Classical orchestra and many of his patterns are still used today
Although Opera is not as popular today, it is still an activity which many French people enjoy today Folk Music Indigenous Folk music has survived and continues to thrive in many parts of France
Western France
Central France
French Carribean
Folk music is one of the most popular genres in French culture Pop Culture The majority of French radio stations play French pop music as well as Mainstream English pop music or latin, italian, or african pop music (depending on the station).
French law requires all radio stations in France to play at least 40% of songs in French
Originally French pop and Chanson (meaning song in French) were to seperate genres but they have since merged
currently the most popular styles of French music are hip/hop, french house, french rock and french pop (chanson)

Billboard top 5 for France as of today:
1. Diamonds (Rhianna)
2. Down the road (C2C)
3. Skyfall (Adele)
4. Gangman Style (Psy)
5. The Reckoning (Asaf Avidan & The Mojos All Saints Day Celebrated annually on the first of November, All Saints Day is the public holiday in which the people of France recognize the saints of the Catholic church. In French it is called La Toussaint, and is usually celebrated by the placing of flowers, often chrysanthemums, around the graves of loved ones. Christmas Children place shoes out in the hopes that Santa Claus will come and stuff them with small toys and candy
There is a French belief in Père Fouettard, which translates to the whipping father. If children were bad, they were told they would be visited by this man and spanked Chiverie Christianity Until 1789, Roman Caotholicism was the state religion of France
54% of the population is christian, while 31% are atheist
Although Catholicism remains the dominant religion, religious freedom is now gauranteed by law
Millions in France continue to attend religious services regularly although the overall observance has drastically declined over the years Chiverie is an old wedding tradition
friends of the bride and groom go out at night and "prank" the bride and groom by clanging pots, blowing horns and ringing bells
The bride and groom then invite their friends inside for treats while wearing ther wedding attire Bouqet Toss Originally in 14th century France, the bouqet toss was meant as a way to get the drunk wedding guests away from the bride, as brides were often regarded as lucky and many people wanted a piece of them to take home Crepe Crepe: thin pancakes traditionally served with cider
made by pouring a thin batter into a hot frying pan and spreading the batter around wih a spatula
Savoury fillings like: cheese, ham, eggs, ratatouille and mushrooms serve for lunch or dinner
Sweet crepes can be served with: fruits, powdered sugar, nutella, or custard for breakfast or dessert
served on Candlemas Escargot Escargot: cooked snail served as a side dish for roast duck and rabbit Yule Log Yule Log: a long cake made of chocolate
typically made around Christmas time
made of chocolate to resemble an actual log Cheese Board Cheese board: made on Bastille day (the day France gained idependence from the monarchy) Television, Radio and Internet The average person in France watches 3 and 1/2 hours of television daily
82% of French people watch television daily
Radio France International (RFI) has 44 million listeners worldwide
55% of the French population owns a computer Theater 8 million people attended the some 50,000 drama performances in 2006
10% of the French population went to the theater at least once a year in 2007 Sport In recent years, the amount of French participation in athletic activities has grown rapidly
More than 10 million people are registered with sports federations
soccer and tennis have the largest enrollment Cinema France is #2 worldwide for investment in film
63% of the French population goes to the cinema at least once a year, 33% at least once a month
France has over 2,000 cinemas Cat Burning Prior to the 1800s, cat burning was a form of entertainment in France
People would gather dozens of cats in a net and hoist them above a bonfire
Even before this, cat were often times burned as symbols of the devil The French Language Considered the language of Romance and love
French was derived from spoken Latin of the Roman Empire
Mainly due to the fact that at the height of the Roman Empire, Romans were occupying France
French is also closely related to the Langues d'oil, a language historically spoken in northern France and Balgium
French is the official language in 29 countries including: Canada, Switzerland, and Haiti
French grammar has similarities to Latin and Roman roots as there are only two grammatical genders, the development of grammatical articles from Latin demonstratives, and that the new tenses form from auxiliaries
. According to demographic projection, by 2050 French speakers will account for seven percent of the world's population(or 650 million people
third most widely spoken first language in the European union Works Cited
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