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Things Fall Apart Chapter 13

No description

Felicia Zhu

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Things Fall Apart Chapter 13

Plot Summary
wakes up Umoufia, bringing news of Ezeudu's death.
A grand funeral takes place in which many
Okonkwo's gun explodes,
killing Ezeudu's son.
Okonkwo and his family flee,
with the help of some friends, from the clan to return in 7 years.
Men come and destroy Okonkwo's
compound to bring the justice of the earth goddess.
People and Places
name of Okonkwo's village
where Okonkwo flees to

One handed
greatly feared
One of the oldest men in the tribe, died with 3 titles
accidentally kills Ezeudu's son and is exiled for 7 years
Okonkwo's friend, helps tear down Okonkwo's compound but questions why
Chapters 12 and 13 show two huge ceremonies in Igbo life (marriage and death)
Chapter 13 (funeral) provides contrast to Chapter 12 (marriage)
Marks the end of Okonkwo's extremely successful life
Killing someone is a huge offense
Thank You!
Things Fall Apart
Chapter 13

Felicia Zhu

Quotes and Insights
Importance of Religion
"The land of the living was not far removed from the domain of the ancestors" (122).
their religion believed that the dead and living were very close
came and were feared and respected
Okonkwo's compound is destroyed to cleanse the land as justice for the earth goddess
Ezeudu's High Status = Grand Funeral
had 3 titles and was old
Doubt of Traditions
"Why should a man suffer so grievously for an offense he had committed inadvertently?" (125)
Obierika questions why Okonkwo had to be exiled and why his home had to be destroyed if he had not meant to kill.
Obierika's doubt foreshadows more opposition to old customs.
Discussion Questions
How do you think Ezeudu's son's funeral would be different from Ezeudu's funeral? Why?
Do you think Okonkwo's punishment (being exiled and getting his house destroyed) is "just"? If not, what kind of punishment would you think Okonkwo "deserves"?
How do you think Okonkwo will be received in Mbanta?
Igbo Funerals
After death, corpse is immediately laid onto plantain leaves and cleaned.
A wake is held where the eldest son invites the community to pray.
The body is buried in the deceased's living room with the deceased's tools (like guns or fishing gear)
After a few months, a second funeral takes place. It is a time of celebration and not of mourning.

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