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Mother Teresa

No description

Jesse Krasic

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Mother Teresa

2 Aspects contributing to religious identity
Personal meaning & identity
Important events
Important life experiences & their impact
Mother Teresa Experiences two life experiences that brought her closer to her faith. The first was during her time at primary school, at the age of 12 when they made their annual pilgrimage to the chapel of Madonna of Letnice atop black mountain in Skopje. Six years later she decided to become a nun, and set off to join the Loreto Sisters in Dublin. Mother Teresa experienced a second life calling, when she was riding a train from Calcutta to the Himalayan foothills for a retreat. Christ spoke out to her and told her to abandon her teachings to work in the slums of Callcutta and help the sick and the poor. She left a year and a half later after getting approval from Archbishop Ferdinand Périer.
Mother Teresa received a noble peace prize in 1979, "for her work undertaken in the struggle to overcome poverty and distress, which also constitutes a threat to peace."
She was awarded the first Pope John XXIII peace prize in 1971 for display of Christian charity and efforts for peace during her work with the poor
In 1985 she established a center for AIDS patients and founded missionaries of charity in 1969 in Calcutta.
Her selfless work is still recognized around the world today.
while teaching at a school for girls, she felt called by Jesus to go and help the sick and poor in the streets of Calcutta. It took her several months to receive permission from Rome, as they were not to emphatic on a sister going to work on the violent streets of Calcutta. When she finally received permission to go, she left with hardly any money, no place to live, and no place to treat the sick and the dying. She had not thought things through properly, and began to beg. She entrusted in God to guide and help her through her tough time. In the begging she was alone, until some former students of hers, came and joined her. She was not well trained in aiding the sick and the poor, and found it very challenging.
Mother Teresa, even within her lifetime has received criticism. She in particular received criticism for her public speech towards contraception and abortion during her speech at the noble lecture "I feel the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion". In 1995 she voted "no" in the Irish refferendum to end the countries ban of divorce and remarriage.
Jesse Krasic
Religious Identity & Life Experiences
Mother Theresa
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Religious Experience and Spirituality - Mother Teresa experienced this during a train ride, when Jesus spoke to her and told her to go and help and work with the sick and the poor, in the streets of Calcutta. This led to her religious identity, as she then went off, and helped out the needy and the sick, even though she did not have much.

Belief - During a tough time, when she first moved to help the people on the streets of Calcutta, she had no money, no house and nowhere to help the sick and dying, and her belief and faith in God helped her through her time of need and suffering.
Mother Teresa was the Patron Saint of missionaries. She was brought up and raised Roman Catholic which influenced her decision to become a nun. She was also inspired by Jesus and always tried to follow in his footsteps, which influenced her to help the many people that she did in her life.
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