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The Yellowstone Supervolcano

No description

justin ricecake

on 19 December 2017

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Transcript of The Yellowstone Supervolcano

Size Of The Volcano
researchers believe that the super volcano caldera measure's 35 miles wide and 50 miles long. this size of a caldera can and will release 2,400 square kilometers of ash when it erupts.
This will most likely cause types of transportation to get clogged with ash and just stop working.
What's The Worst Scenario
the worst we could get from Yellowstone would be: no sign of an eruption than boom many people instantly die of the blast wave and pyroclastic flows. Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming will be instantly uninhabitable and will be covered in lava. large amounts of sulfur gas will be released and spread throughout the western hemisphere causing people to be poisoned and suffocated then die in less that 8 minutes of being exposed to sulfur. if any people did survive the eruption then it would be incredibly difficult to survive because most food will be scarce because 80 percent comes from agriculture. if somehow food starts being farmed indoors you might have a chance but for certain food will decrease. it will take 7-10 years to get out of volcanic winter. seeing the sunlight will now turn into a rare occasion instead of being a everyday thing. rivers could get
clogged of a weird grey mud that consist of ash and water
plus all of that rain will not be safe, rain will turn into
acid rain because of the sulfur that is in the air.

What Were The Impacts
last time Yellowstone erupted it was estimated that it put the world into a volcanic winter, what is a volcanic winter. a volcanic winter is caused by a major volcano eruption that cause's a winter were no plants can grow and it usually last 7-10 years
Thank you!
The Yellowstone Super volcano
You may think there is no super volcano because their is no cone formation in Yellowstone but.... Their is a volcano in Yellowstone, the reason we don't see it is because it is something called a caldera, which is when a lava plume underground caused the ground to swell and cause a huge depression in the ground called a caldera.
Can You Survive?
you could survive but it could cost a lot of money.
you would want to buy a few years worth of food and water and a gas mask. only eat small amounts of food and drink 6 to 8 ounces of water a day. you would need to buy many filters for a gas mask because a gas mask filter usually last 24 hours and you will need as much as you can to filter out the air till the air has been cleaned.
A Ticking Time Bomb In Yellowstone National Park
When Did It Erupt Last?
the last time Yellowstone erupted is believed 640,000 years ago. scientist know that the ash cloud can cover the whole united states, and how they know this is because they've found Yellowstone ash all over the united states. i know this seems crazy but it is very possible that Yellowstone could cause a volcanic ice age because in the last eruptions it is estimated that the last super volcano from a super volcano in Indonesia named Toba put the planet in a ice age because after the eruption the temperatures dropped about 30 degrees Fahrenheit
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