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European Exploration of Texas

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Michelle Kuempel

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of European Exploration of Texas

Why Did Spain &
France Explore Texas?
Gold - search for wealth and money
Glory - look to settle new lands
God - spread religion
European Exploration of Texas
Cabeza de Vaca
Sent to claim all the lands along the Gulf of Mexico for Spain.
Shipwrecked on Galveston Island in 1529 and enslaved by Karankawa Indians for several years.
After his escape, he set off in search of "Cibola" because he had heard about the legendary Seven Cities of Gold.
Explored and mapped parts of southern Texas along the Gulf Coast and western Texas along the Rio Grande on his search for Cibola .
Nine years later, returned to Spain and wrote about his adventures in a book called, "La Relación."
Told others about the legend of wonderful cities made of gold as well as the experiences he had in the New World. This eventually led to more Spanish exploration and settlement.
Francisco Coronado
Expedition: 1540-1542
Francisco Coronado
In 1540, Spain sent Francisco Vásquez de Coronado with a large expedition to find the Cities of Gold.
The expedition crossed much of the Texas Panhandle looking for "Quivira," a legendary land of riches.
Coronado found Quivira in what is today Kansas, but it was only an ordinary Indian village. Mud bricks reflecting the sun, making it look bright and shiny as though it was made of gold.
The members of Coronado's expedition were the first Europeans to see Palo Duro Canyon in Texas and the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
Rene Robert Cavalier, Sieur de LaSalle
Expedition: 1684-1687
Rene Robert Cavalier,
Sieur de LaSalle
On a prior expedition, LaSalle traveled down the Mississippi River from Canada. He returned to the New World in 1684 to start a colony near the Mississippi River for France.
LaSalle’s group missed the Mississippi River and shipwrecked near Matagorda Bay.
LaSalle established Fort St. Louis in 1685, but the colony failed causing LaSalle and the French to leave for Canada.
Because of LaSalle’s new French settlement, Spain hurried to build more missions throughout the area in an attempt to push France off the land.
Álvar Núñez
Cabeza de Vaca
Expedition: 1527-1536
Who Explored Texas?
Cabeza de Vaca - Spain
Coronado - Spain
LaSalle - France
Columbus - NO!!! He never explored Texas.
Timeline: Exploration of the New World
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