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Fahrenheit 451: Pre- Reading Activities

No description

Raelene Halbert

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451: Pre- Reading Activities

Image # 6
After viewing and discussing all six images. Answer the following questions in your groups:
1. What underlying theme or idea do all images have in common?
2. What is the importance of analyzing images with a critical eye? (i.e. thinking about what we see as propaganda)
Statement # 2
Statement # 6
Image # 4
Statement # 1
Fahrenheit 451: Pre- Reading Activities
Image # 3
Image # 5
Some books have inappropriate content and should be destroyed.
The government should decide which information the public is/is not exposed to. (i.e. through the media, literature, music)
Statement # 4
People who follow society's laws and rules are always of higher moral character than those who break laws and/or rules.
Statement # 3
If it is against the law to do something, you should not do it under any circumstances.
If people were no longer allowed to read what they want to read, society would be in danger.
You will have three minutes to discuss each statement with your small groups. When the three minutes is up, the group leaders will remain at their table and the other students will rotate in a clockwise fashion to the next group. The group leader will recap the last group's discussion, then three minutes will be set on the clock again and the new group will discuss the new statement.
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