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Welcome to the Tech Lab


Ruth Glenboski

on 21 August 2012

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Transcript of Welcome to the Tech Lab

Welcome Keep the Lab Neat and Clean Always have clean hands Sneeze into your shoulder or a tissue
instead of on the keyboard If you bring supplies to the lab,
take them with you when you leave Internet Safety Go only where assigned See something inappropriate? Turn off your monitor immediately Tell the teacher Keep Personal Info Private address phone number passwords last name Respect the Property of the
Lab and others Do not change any settings on the computers
including the background. Use only your own accounts and passwords Students are not allowed to eat or drink in the Tech Lab At the End of Class Stop working, put your hands in your lap and listen for instructions Follow directions immediately Carefully hang up the headphones Straighten out the keyboard and mouse The teacher's desk and the area behind it are off limits to students. This includes the printer. Remove Distractions To Begin ... Carefully turn your monitor off. Now turn it back on. Check to see that all icons are
in the right place and that nothing
has been changed. Girls, don't forget your headbands Girls, don't forget your headbands A.R. STAR Testing AR Testing How to get a ticket Who gets to ride in the limo AR Jar Point Goal Accuracy Goal Stand quietly behind your chair until you are dismissed Quarterly Rewards Read carefully, do your best on the test and you'll... GET ON BOARD THE AR EXPRESS!!! to the TECH LAB Now let's talk about...
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