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Socially Engaging Students in Large Classes

Celine's SIGCSE 2015 Talk

Celine Latulipe

on 24 February 2017

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Transcript of Socially Engaging Students in Large Classes

CS1: where we lose students
"I hope this class doesn't have any programming. I hate programming."
- 3rd year CS major
Lightweight Teams in our new CS1 workshop:
Lightweight Teams is equivalent to handing freshmen students 4 new friends on a platter
Socially Engaging Students in Large Classes
Celine Latulipe

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Lightweight Teams:

Teams of students who work together on

throughout the semester
Teamwork - Grade Stress = Social Learning
Teams of 5, randomly assigned
Fixed seating plan
Active learning activities

ightweight teams
Our Experiment

We used lightweight teams in our new CS1 class:

Fall 2013 (enrollment 92)
Spring 2014 (enrollment 65)

Detailed mid- and late-semester anonymous feedback surveys
40-45 questions per survey
Likert scale responses
Open-ended responses

Grade performance in follow-up course
Data Collection
Celine Latulipe
College of Computing and Informatics
In large, introductory classes
lightweight teams
help students practice communication and soft skills, develop community, and promote social learning

Prep Work
Pair Programming Lab
3 Hour Workshop
A Week in a Flipped CS Class
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