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No description

Monica Bartkowski

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Brotherhood

A project by Monica Bartkowski

How to be Recruited
In Brotherhood, Shad had to go through a process to become a recruit for the KKK. They blindfolded him, stuffed a bird down his shirt, asked him questions about the KKK, made him swear allegiance, and put donkey ears on his head so they could embarrass him. When joining, I thought that they did not give him any logical reasons to join since when he was being recruited, they did not state what they truly do or how they help each other. He wasn't allowed to tell people he joined the KKK since he would probably be arrested by the Northerners and interrogated.
Acts of Terrors
Shad also had to do bad things for the KKK. One of the events was a water trick on a colored family. He and his friend, Bubba, also in the Klan, held an animal bladder under his disguise where the water would be stored, so when he "drank" a bucket of water, they would think that he was a ghost from Cold Harbor. Another awful action Shad did was the skeleton hand trick. Shad greeted a group of people in the Freedman's Bureau and when he offered to shake one of the men's hand, he pulled out a skeleton hand instead, scaring them. A third act they made him do is find out if there was a colored school in a shed behind Mrs. Perkinson's house, where he received reading lessons.
The Factors that Lead to the Creation of the KKK
The KKK is an organization that was "designed to protect widows," but was really a racist group who loathed African Americans, Northerners, Catholics, and other groups. Some of the things that they did ranged from "skeleton hand" to killing African Americans & Northerners. This gang was created around Reconstruction time, right after the Civil War and only men were allowed to join. Some of the things they wore were white masks. They also had positions, like the Grand Cyclopes.
Adolf Hitler and the Nazis
How to be recruited into the Nazi Party
Hitler was an evil, cruel, German Dictator who was the cause of World War 2. He formed the National Socialist German Workers’ party (A.K.A. the Nazi Party) and killed several Jews, people who were homosexual, gypsies, people who were Polish, and anyone who objected the Nazis. He also believed that the superior person was the Aryan race.
Reasons why people joined
To be recruited to the Nazi Party was fairly easy to join. He formed the Hitler Youth, an organization to get young boys to join. This was just one of the many ways you could join.
The KKK only strike in the nighttime, when it is least expected
The Bad things the Nazis did
The Nazis did several terrifying things to Germans. A well- known terror act was sending Jews to concentration camps, where they were sent to their death. Jews, like Anne Frank went into hiding.
The Similarities between the Nazis and the KKK
There are many similarities between the Nazis and the KKK. A few of the similarities are they both did not like a certain religion and killed them because of it, Another similarity is that they're are both few Nazis and Klan members and are both currently not a threat. A final example is that they both wore uniforms.
The Differences between the Nazis and KKK
There are also several differences between the Nazis and KKK. One of these examples are their priorities on who they loathed severely. The Nazis focused on Jews, and the KKK focused on African Americans. Another Difference I found is that the KKK was in the United States of America and the Nazis were in Germany. My final example of the multiple differences is that if you were in the KKK, you kept it a secret, but if you were in the Nazis, you didn't need to.
How the KKK lost power
The KKK has lost most of its members. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) continues to sent past or present Klan members to prison because of crimes they committed to, even years ago. Another reason is their disorganization.
How the Nazis lost power
The Nazis were destroyed by a series of events. They first lost power when they went into war with other countries and were being defeated. The final event that made them lose power was Hitler's death.
A Short Clip on the Nazis
I would like to thank Mr. Forbes, Brittanica,v Grolier, and Puzzlemaker for the information, pictures, and puzzles! Also, I would like to thank Mrs. A.B. Westrick for writing such an extraordinary novel, Brotherhood.
There were several reasons why people joined. One of these reasons was th fear of being killed by the Nazis. Another reason was a deep hatred of Jews, Polish, or any of the people the Nazis killed. A final reason listed is because the people were manipulated by Hitler's motivating speeches, which idols him as the "good guy." The people were allowed to tell people they joined so that they would not be killed by the Nazis, but would probably now get arrested becuase of joining, like with the KKK.
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