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Unit 31-P2-Explain different uses of

No description

Tom Reidy

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of Unit 31-P2-Explain different uses of

Unit 31-P2-Explain different uses of

How animations is used in the following areas: Advertising, Entertainment, Education, Creative arts and Simulation
Advertising: there are many ways to advertise your product and in today’s television they use animation such as, adverts which looks real on TV but the animated characters are not in the real world. They use animation on products because to make it more fun and attractive and especially the adverts for children. Like for example Kellogg’s have animated Tony the Tiger for Kellogg’s Frostie’s and they have used this character for such a long time on their various media campaigns.
Banner adverts:
These adverts appear on the top of the web pages or down the side of the web pages.

Pop-up adverts: which opens in a new window and the web page is opened to show the advertised product. - Center-screen flash advert can be used as well.
Entertainment: animation are used for entertainment as well in Earl’s like cartoon type of character and the first animates film was produced by Walt Disney production in 1937. In traditional animation a technique took three years to make and it was a very risky enterprise to undertake and it was very hard time for Disney production team, as time goes by Disney has changed animated history in making animated films such as accurate human movements with computer techniques and this has helped them to make animated film faster and very easier.
Education: animation is become more commonly use in schools or colleges. Like for demonstrating a scientific idea that would be difficult to carry out in the class room, by using a computer game with strong educational content. There are many educational games available and most relay on animation to ensure users to find them entertaining while they learn.
For instance an educational game that can cover a wide variety of topics including school subjects, like science, life skills and healthy eating and this can be also used for in training up adults such as in driving mock-up or the highway code.
Creative arts
Creative arts: in this art form, the term describes different type of art in this creativeness you show the use of your imagination where you think to create new ideas or new things. Like for example producing animated films, producers make films by photography a sequence or variety of drawings or models so that they can appear on the movie and then they change when the sequence is shown, this is how creative art works.
People in the Military and civilian pilots will use flight simulators to gain experience of flying planes before flying for real. The more up to date simulators have a whole cockpit with surrounding screens set on moving hydraulic pistons which simulate the movements the pilot makes.
Animation has been used to create detailed models of gravitational waves, star formation, star explosions and many more things. These sort of animations will be used in educational departments used to visually depicts when the teacher would be talking about, it may also be easier for some people to learn from a visual animation
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