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Autumn Presentation

Online OJT Management System

Paulo Caballero

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Autumn Presentation

The Developed Project is also known as "AUTUMN". Sharp Monitoring what is Autumn? Online On-the-Job Training Management System As the result of software evaluation, the respondents (Non IT Experts and IT Experts) stated that the developed system is recommendable in terms of enhancing the On-the-Job Training. Moreover, the respondents gave their assessments and reviews to further improve the functionality of the said system. for Lyceum of the Philippines University - Cavite why do we
need Autumn? 1995 The Autumn is..

1. Capable to support the practicum coordinators and/or advisers in terms of monitoring/managing the OJTs.
2. Operates an easy and consistent way of communication between clients.
3. A tool that is efficient in terms of providing accurate OJT information. SDLC Summary and Conclusion Easy communication Yielding Training
Initiatives Empowering OJT
Management Objective Recommendation 1. CITHM
2. Email notification per transaction.
3. OJT Grading System
4. Mobile Application
5. SMS notification Below are the recommendations or suggestions from different aspect of the developed system. Thank you!

-Team Squalls Project Overview "Autumn's Eyes" The Specific Objective of
Online OJT Management System Evaluation Results System Presentation VERY SATISFACTORY! The Developers Concluded the following: 1. Security
2. Back-up recovery
3. Disadvantages of using Online Technology Summary of I.T. Experts’ Evaluation Summary of On-the-Job Trainee (Students) Evaluation Summary of Practicum Advisers' Evaluation Summary of Practicum coordinators' Evaluation Summary of Practicum training site supervisors' Evaluation Autumn is only intended ...

to enhance the OJT procedure
to support OJT and
to empower OJT management Theoretical Framework System Architecture Fish Bone Diagram
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