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Over Fishing

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Overfishing

Over Fishing

Organizations (continued)
Why is overfishing a problem?
What Organizations help stop Overfishing and what do they do to help stop ?
What makes Over Fishing an Environmental Issue?
Is over fishing social,political,economic,or environmental issue?
Why is Over Fishing a global issue?
It will cause massive extinction to multiple species, including the Northern Cod. Many people will be left with no fish to eat. Over Fishing will cause an affect on the food chain.
What is Over Fishing?
Over fishing means when we catch too much fish and the population cannot reproduce enough to replace the fish.
By: Itika, Caitlyn,Jehad, and Justin
Overfishing Organization :
Overfishing Organization has tried to set catch limits of fish, control on by-catch which means the unwanted fish and other marine creatures caught during commercial fishing are thrown out of the ship. They also protect important habitats, and monitor and reinforce to make sure fishermen do not bring more fish to land than they are allowed to.

What can I do to help?
Sources in books and webites:
Overfishing is trans-national/boundary-relating to or involving several nations or nationalities becauseoverfishing happens every wherein the world, It is a significant issue,which means it is sufficiently important to be worthy of attention because it will affect the food chain and animals will not get fish to eat (eg:bears). It persistent means:continuing for a long time in a course of action because overfishing happens everyday.
Save Our Seas Organization:
Save Our Seas has tried putting pressure on the government to limit fishing amounts,establish and expand Marine Protected Areas (MPAs),better monitoring,and policing of fish trade,also ask consumers to buy sourced seafood which means- to buy from a facility where it is available.

It is a problem because 52% of fish stocks are fully exploited. 20% are moderately exploited. 17% are overexposure 7% are depleted. 1% is recovering from depletion which reduction in the number or quantity of something (fish).
What are we losing in overfishing?
It is an environmental issue, because fish is part the of food chain/web. The food chain is something like this:The fish eat plankton.But without fish, there will be too many plankton and the hungry animals will starve to death or move away because there will be no fish to eat.
Thank You for Watching!
pearson school atlantic

Be informed
Donate money
spread the word
volunteer in places where there the fish are most affected
Become a friend of the ocean
Know what you eat-eat fish that are not extinct or not endangered.
We are losing species like Channel catfish, Chinook salmon, Brown trout,Brook trout, Pink salmon,Cod because of overfishing. We are in risk of losing valuable food and energy source.
Northern Cod
Food Chain
places where overfishing occurs
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