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holocaust symbols

symbols used in the holocaust to classify the prisoners held in the concentration camps.

abby specht

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of holocaust symbols

Holocaust Symbols Prisoners of the holocaust were sent to concentration camps. prisoners were marked with triangles to classify them. The triangles were colored according to religion, sometimes other things such as... criminal acts, and much more race, political criminal gypsies or race here are the symbols used to mark the prisoners of the holocaust. this is what they marked jehovah's witnesses with. (a type of christianity) the prisoners who repeat their crimes would get a triangle with a narrow rectangle above them. people who were political were marked with a red triangle. criminals wore green triangles. if you were black or asian or of any other race, or if you were a gypsy you would wear a brown triangle black triangles meant antisocial. like this... they look like this symbols that looked almost like targets, circles with big dots in them, meant the prisoner was under special surveillance. any downward colored triangle with an upward yellow triangle behind it meant you were a jew and you were convicted of the crime. political jew jewish criminal jewish imigrant antisocial jew These were the symbols they used to mark and classify the different groups Germany captured. i hope you learned something new. thanks for watching! ;) THE END! Jews wore yellow stars.
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