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Halifax Explosion

No description

Natasha Nabein

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Halifax Explosion

Halifax Explosion
Thank you for listening to my presentation!
Course Code: CHC2D

Prepared for: Mr.Ward
Prepared by: Natasha Nabein
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
On December 6, 1917, the SS Mont-Blanc and the SS Imo collided in the Halifax harbour[1]. The crash caused benzol to spill on the deck. Sparks from the crash ignited the benzol and a fire began. The fire lit the explosive cargo, causing the biggest man-made explosion prior to nuclear weapon craft.
Vince Coleman
He was a train dispatcher. Soon after the fire lit up, he was informed of the upcoming explosion and alerted trains to stop that were inbound for Halifax.

"Hold up the train. Ammunition ship afire in harbor making for Pier 6 and will explode. Guess this will be my last message. Good-bye boys."

This act of selflessness not only caused him to lose his own life, but also saved 600 other lives.
"“Vince Coleman is a hero, because he sacrificed his own life in order to save 700 people.”

His telegraph was the first warning the something was wrong.

He lost his own life. To me, giving up your own life to save others not only takes bravery, but heroism.

His telegraph spread across Canada very quickly, and even traveled down to Boston, creating WORLD WIDE knowledge of the explosion.
First Warning
Selfless Act
Worldwide coverage and aid
He gave up his life in order to save others. That is the truest form of a hero for me, and was a totally selfless act of his.

He was informed in advance of the upcoming explosion, so he could have just ran away and tried to save himself, but instead he chose to go back to his post and tap out a warning message

He saved 700 people aboard a train heading to Halifax. Few people in this world have that selfless quality, making him at a higher level of humanity.
His warning alerted people early on, causing earlier relief and aid. This action of his also brought Detroit close with Boston, and by doing so, not only caused them to become almost sister cities, but also brought some great relief aid to the area.
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- http://www.environmentalgraffiti.com/news-halifax-explosion
Even with a hero like Vince Coleman, it was still a horrible moment in Canadian History. It left both people in and out of Canada totally devastated. Yet without Vince Coleman, there would have been no early warning, and it wouldn’t have gotten out beyond Canada, and Detroit would’ve gotten slower and/or less aid. Finally, Without Vince Coleman, we would not have such a great Canadian Hero.
His telegraph was the first red flag to say that something was very wrong.

Because of his unselfish actions he got his message out before the explosion itself, giving people extra time to go help out.

The early warning was an eye opener to our nation and also to Boston. It sped up the time that was put out in order to get Halifax fixed up.
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