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The Titanic ERP! Enjoy! :-)

No description

Andrea R :)

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of The Titanic ERP! Enjoy! :-)



Hi my name is Andrea and I will be showing you all about my ERP for term 3 and 4. My ERP will tell you about immigration and migration including the tragic story of Cuc Lam. I have researched about the Titanic and I will be linking it to immigration and migration. Us year 5/6’s have had approximately one term to gather our information and make a presentation. At the end of my presentation if there are any questions I will be pleased to answer them as best as I can!
Introducing Andrea, this is her presentation!
All about immigration and migration
The face of Australia is changing and it starts at our boarders. Australia will probably always be a cosmopolitan country. It has changed from a settler immigration country to a country where numbers of immigrants are hailing largely. India and China fill in the top two places with the most migrants. Well most people say that Immigration and Migration is the same thing. Well actually they are under the same roof but in different rooms. Immigration refers to relocating to a country and live in it. Whereas Migration refers to moving from one place to another. Along with the UK, Canada and New Zealand, Australia is also one of the “big four” traditional settler immigration countries, which is a good thing.
Cuc Lam Part 1
Now take some time to witness the amazing story of Cuc Lam. So picture this; you are in the most amazing place in the world, it doesn’t have to be real, and this can even include a candy land! So you are there and suddenly this random guy comes up to you and says, would you like a refill?
Unfortunately, it was not like this for Cuc Lam. In 1978 on the 19th of May Cuc Lam sacrificed so much for a number of reasons.
Cuc Lam Part 2
Minh and herself left on an old and filthy fruit and vegetable boat. Cuc had to sacrifice her most prized possession, her wedding ring. With the money from the ring she purchased a small red vinyl suitcase so when she came to Australia she wouldn’t be empty-handed. On their trip to Australia they dressed as fishermen so it could be easier for them to break free from Vietnam.
The Titanic
Some of the 10 not commonly known facts about the Titanic are actually very important. How does anything link? Well listen to the facts first!!!
Did you know???

1: The canceled lifeboat drill

On April 10, the day the Titanic set sail there was meant to be a lifeboat drill. Captain Edward John Smith canceled the drill but no one knows why. In my opinion I thought the reason was because he knew that the ship wouldn’t sink… or so he heard. But till this very day, many believe that if they did take the drill many more lives would have been saved. Also I think the Titanic could have had a rubber dingy. If you would like to know more on the rubber dingy please ask at the end of my presentation!
Titanic fact #2
2: The Titanic’s Newspaper

The Titanic had its very own newspaper called, ‘The Atlantic Daily Bulletin’. It included just about everything an ordinary newspaper had.
Titanic fact #3
3: Lifeboats Not Full

There were only enough lifeboats to save half of the people on board. Most lifeboats only had (approxamently) 20-40 people (mainly women and children) on each lifeboat when the maximum could be 65-100 people.
Titanic fact #4
4: Two dogs rescued

Out of 9 dogs aboard the Titanic, a Pomeranian and a Pekinese dog were saved. Although it started only as women and children some how those dogs were rescued as well.
Titanic fact #5
5: The Fourth Funnel

In images we see 4 black and cream coloured funnels. In fact we should only see three funnels. The 4th was fake. It was put there just for looks. This funnel broke and killed some people.
The Titanic Guru
Some of you already know, but my brother is a Titanic 'fanatic'. Research has shown that most 3rd classers were immigrants to New York. Not many, but some Australians were on the Titanic going to New York for a holiday. Today Australia’s billionaire Clive Palmer is attempting to build the 'Titanic 2'.
Video Alert!!!
Video Alert!!!
Video Alert!!!
Video Alert!!!
Titanic fact #1
Caution Caution Caution Caution Caution Caution
Caution Caution Caution Caution Caution Caution
Caution Caution
Caution Caution
Taaaaaaaa Daaaaaaaa!!!
Thank-you for taking part in another episode of

What does ERP stand for?
ERP stands for Educational Research Project!!!
Led Zeppelin- Immigrant song
And there is one more fantastic video to watched!!!
What does it say?
No: ***
White Star Royal Mail Triple-Screw Steamer
Wednesday, 31st May, 1911 at 12-15pm
To Be presented at gate

No: ***
To be retained for admittance to Stand
Speaking of China, check out Alison Gold - Chinese Food (Official Music Video).

What do you need to do?
All you need to do is listen because prizes will be given out!!!
This is a map for plans for immigration and migration!!!
My learning Intention!
To develop an understanding of the reasons why people choose to migrate to Australia.
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