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Thomas Geisbert

Hot Zone Mini Project #3

Jonathon Kuo

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Thomas Geisbert

Hot Zone Mini Project #3
Jonathon Kuo Thomas Geisbert Who am I? Involvement with the Virus I heard about the monkeys in Reston, and I wanted to take some photographs of the virus inside them.
When I went to get the test tubes, I realized the cells inside were either sick or dead.
My boss, Peter Jahrling, decided that it was probably a bacteria that had invaded the test tubes.
In order to identify the bacteria, you can smell the test tube, it will smell like grape juice.
Peter Jahriling and I sniffed the test tubes.
There was no smell. Involvement with Virus Continued After the Thanksgiving holiday, I went back to work to look at the monkey cells under the electron microscope.
Strangely I saw virus strings that indicated it was actually a filovirus. My first thought was that it was the deadly virus, Marburg.
I checked my work multiple times because it was so serious.
Once I was sure it was a filovirus, I went to tell my boss.
It turns out, after further investigation, I had uncovered what would later be called Ebola Reston.
I had sparked the operation to wipe out the monkey facility. Emotions and Feelings Just after I had discovered that the virus was indeed a filovirus, my first reaction was complete panic.
I flashed back to the moment when I sniffed the test tubes, knowing that it was likely that the virus probably could have gotten into my nose.
I spent about a week or so worrying profusely.
I almost became paranoid of getting the virus, because I knew what it could do.
I was extremely relieved after a couple of weeks had gone by, and I had not developed any symptoms. Main Events One of my contributions to the research of hot viruses, as stated before, was the discovery of Ebola Reston.
Were it not for me, the discovery of the Ebola in the monkey facility in Reston would have been delayed.
The situation could have gotten way out of control during that delay.
Because of my actions, the government was able to take care of the situation in a timely manner, avoiding any spread of the Ebola. Main Events My name is Thomas Geisbert.
I am 27 years old .
I am an intern at USAMRIID.
I was hired to operate the electron microscope at the Institute.
My job is to look at viruses through a microscope and identify them. I also discovered another factor in the danger of hot viruses.
I placed Marburg virus in a flask for five days and left it there to see what would happen.
After five days, I put the Marburg into monkey liver cells.
The five day old virus destroyed the monkey cells just as it would if it were fresh.
This discovery added another component of danger in filoviruses because most viruses do not last very long without a host. Ex. AIDS
My discovery changed the way we look at these viruses. What did I Learn? From this experience, I learned that there are things in this world that are bigger than any man can contemplate, and are smaller than any man can see. Looking back on this experience, I realize how important this was to the development of my career, and I am extremely grateful for my success in science.
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