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eApostille innovation or legacy?

The topic of the presentation is eApostilles, innovation or burden

i v

on 1 November 2016

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Transcript of eApostille innovation or legacy?

2h per day for commuting
10h per week
480h per year = 60 working days per year for commuting! Smart?
innovation or burden?

Ingmar Vali

Centre of Registers and Information Systems

Policy and regulation to support e-services

1. Electronic signature act

2. eID document policy- mandatory

3. Data exchange policy Gov2Gov

4. Legal act availability policy

5. E-residency for everyone!


Country in Europe.
• Estonia has a population of just 1.3 million but land
is larger than Denmark or Holland.
• The Estonian language.
• In winter it gets very cold and we get plenty of beautiful snow.
No, there are no polar bears in Estonia.

• Estonia is almost 50% forest.
• Tallinn is our medieval capital and by far the biggest city,
with a population of around 400,000.
• Estonia has over 1,500 islands.
• Public WiFi is FREE
• Estonia is an e-country – most people use e-banking,
pay parking with a mobile phone;
pay taxes online;
start company via internet;
or even vote, online.

innovation or legacy?

Problems in conveyancing process?
Time consuming process?
Lack of information?
Data quality issues?
High cost?
25 Years of Land Registry
Strategic approach & regulation
Government interoperability, sharing & reuse of information with the goal to build sustainable, affordable and smart services
In paper world paper is must have!
Innovation in Estonian government:

1. Efficiency and security

2. Organizational reforms

3. Savings?

Availability of real estate information- public, online
Legally valid electronically- no paper certificate
Electronic signature- equal to handwritten
Data exchange, electronic input
G2G secure data exchange- X-Road usage statistics
Land Registry & Cadastre
process automation
Land Registry
Automation and technology benefits
Merge land registry jurisdiction areas
Better work load management
Service desk closing
Home office for registrars

Processing time reduced from 90 days to 3 days.
Data mining from paper eliminated.
Paper archive scanned
Personnel reduction
Service area and archive room rent reduction
Electronic register management
Braking the ice to use e-services
Commuting 2h day= 10h a week
60 working days a year in car!?
We want to work
from home!
Service desk is empty, users are online
Home office for registrars!?
What is needed to transform paper processes to smart services?
Smart service enablers
Standard templates
Relational database
Complete history of changes- public
Input check- better data quality
import vs type in.
State fee check
Decisions to E-notary
Cadastre changes
Application in self service
eGovernment benefits:
Faster process;
Better information quality;
Better security/ integrity;
Better availability, online archive;
Efficiency for stakeholders-
notaries, courts, bailiffs, Gov;
Efficiency for private companies-
brokers, banks;
Efficiency for registrars;
no need for counter service
less archive; less paper;
equal work load
less technical staff

People were, to a degree, sceptic about working from home.
Does this mean that the unitary staff will start to become estranged? After all, they cannot ask each other for help or be social with each other, etc.
eApostille is not needed in case data exchange and
world electronic signature trust list

IT investment
130 000 EUR/year
I part- location, address
Title of ownership to real estate
II part - Ownership
III part - Encumbrances
and restrictions
IV part - Mortgages
Mortgage 100 000 EUR
to Bank
ID, name
ID, name
Road servitude
Processing time in 2005 ca 90 days
e-Notary interoperability
Processing time today 5 days
Registered applications
Public data: other usage of information
22 registrars in Estonia
Government guarantee to electronic information by law
Personnel and rent costs
Secure data
#electronic signature
#Success story foundation
#mandatory ID
#95% of population
#eResidency for foreigners
Personal code:
#BlockChain TODO
Mobile view
More interoperability
More content
More reuse
3D map
3D buildings

Last year the X-Road saved 1,966 years of working time.
Land Registry
Share and reuse
Taxonomy of X-Road
Less printing
is better!

Real estate related registers in Estonia
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Economy
Ministry of Justice
Domain of ...
Land Board
County court
Building register
Land cadaster
Land register
(owners, mortgages)
Cadastre registration 97%

660 062 Cadastre units, total area 4 220 082,8 ha - 97,1 % Estonia

Smallest CU is 1m² (2 ptc);
Largest 8908,4 ha

Mapped restrictions and utility networks

130 registrars

280 land surveyors
Land Board
Land Board
Land register
We do not want paper!
We do not like paper!
Paper is not trustworthy!
Situation in cross border communication in 2016
1507 Martin Waldseemüller's printed globe and wall-map
Defacto normal:
We need a certificate of ....
Bring the proof of....
Two copies of... is required.
Sign your application on paper.
Translate and apostille!!!
We are not so advanced to use
electronic signatures.
.... and apostille everything!
Information is the power!
So lets skip the printing and use the information!
Transformation process:
1. from paper to pdf
2. from pdf to databases
3. databases to data exchange
4. ...

Secure Government data exchange

Counter service transferred to Notary office in 2015
Process to issue eApostille
Electronic registry = Apostille
From 1st January 2010, the public documents of Estonia will be authenticated by apostille by notaries
Preconditions to abolish apostille
1. online registry- www.RIK.ee
2. secure data exchange cross borders - X-Road!
3. electronic signatures cross borders
4. central world register of trusted electronic signatures CA
Electronically sealed by
Authority x official Y
Work in progress
From 1st January 2010, the public documents of Estonia is authenticated by apostille by notaries
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