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Expansion of Square Canteen Proposal

Group Presentation to be submitted to Mrs. Turno

ediel airen maulanin

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Expansion of Square Canteen Proposal

Sketches Prepared by:
Barcenas, Jubelle O.
Malazarte, Nhoelle J.
Matienzo, Laila C.
Maulanin, Edelyn R. A Proposal in the Expansion of the Square Canteen The population of the students and the staff of De La Salle University – Dasmariñas is exceedingly increasing every year and the demands for sustaining the needs of each and one of them is the primary goal of the administrators of the school. Facilities and modern technology equipments are being highly provided for the benefits of the students and staff. New policies and rules and regulations are being implemented for the organization and safety of everybody. Introduction But if there is one thing that the administrators should discern that we are lacking of, it is the apprehension about how the canteen square takes hold of the number of people who eat every meal time. With this, the group thought of writing a proposal that presets the expansion of the canteen square and the recommendation of establish more spaces in the canteen square where concessionaires can also put up their own food businesses for the benefit of the students and staff of the university. This proposal aims to address the problem of the students regarding the inadequacy of the square canteen of De La Salle University - Dasmariñas to meet the growing needs of the students and the recommendation of the group to expand it into two-storey building. Purpose Scope This proposal particulars about the problems that the students and staff of the university come across during meal time since there are no enough spaces in the canteen square to take hold of all the people who would like to eat there. This also entails the recommended solution on these problems and how the people concerned in establishing buildings and facilities in the university can put this proposal into operation. He group also recommend that this proposal be permitted for the benefit and well being of the students and staff of the university. Floor Plan The members of the group will look for data in the preparation of this report. They will make a survey questionnaire and they will consult students, staff and faculty before having an interview to the head offices at the university. Procedure Due to the thousands of students enrolled in the university, the inadequacy of space in the square canteen becomes a problem especially during lunch time. Some students choose to eat outside instead of the crowded canteen out of frustration and time constraint. Security and safety become another concern when students eat outside of the university premises. There is also the opportunity lost for the earnings that could have been to the university had it maximize its space. Statement of the
problem The group proposes the expansion of square canteen into two-storey building. This will ease the crowding during lunch and break times and will ensure that the students are provided with quality foods at cost within their budget. The present set up allows only a limited choice for the students because there is only a certain number of stalls that can be accommodated by the space. The need is not for a bigger area but to maximize the space by constructing a second floor so that more stalls can be accommodated. The approval of this proposal shall be agreed upon by the following administrators: COEd Chair and Dean, Director of General Services, BFMO, VCFAS and the President of the university. PROPOSED SOLUTION The advantages of the project are the following:
-Opportunities for more concessionaires and young entrepreneurs.
-Convenient place for the students to stay.
-More organized location.
-More space that can accommodate the increasing number of Lasallian customers. Advantages In establishing the project suggested by the group, participation of the public is very significant. Construction of the Square Canteen will be agreed upon by administrators, student leaders, building and facilities personnel and concessionaires. This process will be able to push through by conducting a series of special meeting to discuss the matter and by suggesting other possible solution to the problem. Personnel The project can be possible with the cooperation of the following person:

Bro. Augustine Boquer, FSC
University President

Arch. Dennis D. Pontanilla
Director, BFO

Mr.Rino P. Daniel
Head, Facilities & Maintenance Office
rpdaniel@dlsud.edu.ph Mr.Rufino I. Corpuz
Unit Head, Electrical/Mechanical Section

Mr.Teodorico T. Manreza
Head, Grounds Department
ttmanreza@dlsud.edu.ph Ms. Susan L. Joya

Mr.Luisito F. Batuto
Designer/ CADD specialist
lfbatuto@dlsud.edu.ph March, 2013
Meeting with the director and officers
Validation of the project
April, 2013
Procure external consultants
Establishment of outline requirements
Preparations and agreement of detailed proposal
Procurement of Main Contractor
Bidding of Construction Materials Schedule June, 2013
Purchasing of Construction Materials
November, 2013
Construction works
January, 2014
Full operation Cost
Construction Materials
Cement ------------------------- 330,000.00
Hollow blocks ------------------------- 300,000.00
Gravel ------------------------- 500,000.00
Lumber ------------------------- 40,000.00
Nails ------------------------- 30,000.00 Roof ------------------------ 20,000.00
Railings ------------------------ 180,000.00
Sink ------------------------ 120,000.00
Tiles ------------------------ 375,000.00
Plumbing ------------------------ 300,000.00
Sliding window panes ---------------- 30,000.00
Construction workers ---------------- 750,000.00
Total : 5,950,000.00 After knowing the Problem, it has led to the following conclusions:
-There are problems that the students and staff encountered inside the university.
-The size of the university square canteen is not enough to the number of students.
-The university square canteen need to undergo an expansion process due to the number of students. Conclusion The group is recommending the Buildings and Facilities Office to implement the expansion of the square canteen
-Concessionaires must provide chairs and table for both individual and for a large/small group of students.
-The offices inside the university must cooperate for the expansion of the square canteen.
-The group is recommending the head of this project to be responsible enough. Recommendation
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