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Brand Yourself Social Media Presentation

No description

Jineen Carcamo

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Brand Yourself Social Media Presentation

Why Brand Yourself? Google has become your online resume

•We all have special and unique personalities that should be celebrated and embraced
Ask yourself: If your grandma checked your twitter feed would she be ashamed?

...Also to help us get a job How to Brand Yourself Tools and Tips Brand You. Platforms to Brand Yourself Linkedin
Facebook (personal preference)
Online portfolio
e.g CargoCollective, Behance, Dripbook
Buying your own URL Know your strengths & play them up
Keep all your public profiles in sync
Connect with people online
Talk about what interests you
Join relevant Linkedin groups
Use #relevant Hootsuite
R.I.P Google Reader, try Feedly!
Crowdbooster * or Social Sprout People you should be following on Twitter: 1. @mashable
2. @dailymuse
3. @AdFreak
4. @PhillyAdClubYP
5. @AdvertisingWeek
6. @Veer (typography/design)

Any Ad Agencies you're interested in Thanks for listening! Any Questions? Follow me on twitter! @JCarcamo31
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