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Yoobikwiti Edu

No description

Govardhan Reddy

on 13 December 2015

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Transcript of Yoobikwiti Edu

Yoobikwiti Edu
Productivity and ROI
No need for extensive paperwork for general data-entry requirements such as registration, personal reports, attendance history and so on.
Central database for management which gives real-time information on all users.
Instant communication with specific classes, subject groups, organizations, staff or any other specific segment, so reducing time spent in both mass and targeted notice delivery.
Ensure no one is left behind by connecting with all users through updates even if not present for the day.
Instant offline alerts to all or specific users on urgent/important notices through SMS.
All round productivity increase through time-saving for staff and teachers.
Feedback system.
Time management and reporting system.
Thank You
What is Yoobikwiti Edu?
Yoobikwiti Edu is a comprehensive solution applicable for students, parents, teachers, staff and management
of educational institutions.

Yoobikwiti Edu aims to channel the process of managing academics, finance, administration and knowledge sharing with timely notifications by facilitating streamlined communication.
ROI - Tangible
System Implementation with zero costing.
Minimal administrative cost.
Substantial reduction in paperwork in all aspects of operations.
Save on printing costs for both in-house and external printers.
Cost cutting in storage space for physical files and reports.
Free notifications to all users. Communication cost for telephones will get slashed.
Dedicated section on app to sell official institution merchandise.
Revenue sharing from advertising.
Broadcast information with zero costing.
Provides carrier management analysis like reduce freight expenses and audit data on carriers.
ROI - Intangible
Organization Profile Management
People Management
Notifications (Offline & Online)
Event Management
Module Management
Timetable Management
Attendance Management
Fee Management
Online Examination
Progress Card Management
Library Management
Feedback Management
One to One Messaging
Internship Management
Alumni Management
Transport Management
Discussion Forum
Visitors Management
Guest Login
Organization reputation and branding.
Transperency and faith between parents/students/staff and organization.
Indirect marketing.
Easy and effecient way to access archived data.
Safe and secured transportation.
Process management.
Yoobikwiti Technologies Pvt. Ltd
No. 6, 2nd Floor, 3rd Main Road,
Kumara Park (West),
Bangalore - 560020.
Email - info@yoobikwiti.com
Website - www.yoobikwiti.com
Phone - 080-2346 3777
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