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#5 Housing Options & Residence Hall Application

Pre-Arrival Information


on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of #5 Housing Options & Residence Hall Application

Student Housing
Options Finding the right place for you! Renting Co-ed Dorms Only women live in
the building Options: Men and women in the same building Women Only Lawther Hall Room Options Traditional Single Room Suites (One roommate) (No roommate) (Apartment Style) Cost: Go to http://uni.edu/dor/ One-Four Roommates
Cost: 300+/month per person
More Info: Check Craigslist.com or the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier for available apartments Student Housing
Contract Application If you plan to live in a residence hall, you need to complete a housing contract. Step 1: Go to the Department of Residence website. GO HERE Step 2: SELECT Step 3: SELECT Step 4: Enter your username and password. Step 5: Contract SELECT Step 6: Select the time you plan to live in the residence halls Step 7: SELECT Start Contract Step 8: Enter your personal information Step 9: Enter emergency contact information Step 10: Enter your t-shirt size THEN SUBMIT THEN
CONTINUE Step 11: Enter where you want to live Step 12: CONSIDER how much food you want each week SELECT
CONTINUE Step 13: Enter the meal plan you want Decide if you plan to stay
2 years in the residence halls YES or NO Step 15: Step 14: Congratulations! You are finished with the Housing Options and Residence Hall Application. Watch the next presentation for more information about Health Requirements & Insurance. Residence Halls Agree to the terms and continue SAVE &
CONTINUE Remember this is
a legal contract. Enter your payment information SELECT Created by Kat Lundberg
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