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7th Grade Imagery, Sensory Details, Annabel Lee, Oranges

Lit Link- Gary Soto's Oranges / Poe's Annabel Lee

Dana Hoover

on 13 September 2015

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Transcript of 7th Grade Imagery, Sensory Details, Annabel Lee, Oranges

Poetic Techniques
Let's Talk about The IMAGERY and SOUND DEVICES in the poem!
"Of my darling--my darling--my life and my bride"
Internal Rhyme-
rhyming of words within a line, not only at the end.

two unstressed syllables followed by a stress syallable.

an unstressed syallable followed by a stress.

the repetition of constant sounds.

repeating the same word or phrase throughout a stanza.
What do the following have in common?
In conclusion, "Annabel Lee" is unlike most of Poe’s works. Although this is a poem about love, he still stays true to his dark side of writing. Edgar Allan Poe was a great poet, and a master of suspense.
"Life Imitates Art"
Can we reverse this quote to read
Art Imitates Life
Does a writer's personal life experiences affect his writing? How? Examples?
We are going to read one
of Edgar Allan Poe's most
famous poems.
Based on what you know about Poe and the prior stories you have read, what do you expect this poem to be like? (Characters, setting, theme, storyline...)
-Poe's mother died of tuberculosis (disease
of the lungs) when he was 2.
-He was then separated from his sister
Rosalie and taken in by two different families.
-Poe's first love, Sarah, became engaged to another man while Poe was in school.
-Poe married Virginia Clemm who became the one shining light in his life. She died of tuberculosis.
Poe's poem that we are about to read is a ROMANTIC poem.
Do you expect romance from Poe? What are your predictions about this poem?
Edgar lost a lot of the
women in his life. He wrote this poem after his wife, Virginia, died. The poem was published for the world to see, 2 days after Edgar's mysterious death.
Death played a large part in Poe's life, his fiction, and his poetry. He is best known for his detective and horror stories, but he wished to be most known for his poetry.
This poem, Annabel Lee, was published in 1849.
Poem Vocabulary:
1. seraphs- high ranking angels
2. sepulchre- tomb or burial place
3 dissever- to separate or split apart
4. covet- to be jealous and want what someone else has

In poetry, it is important to pay attention to the imagery the author uses to make the subject more appealing.

Always be on the lookout for sensory details and figurative language.
Let's explore this further with Edgar Allan Poe!
A poet is a painter.
The difference is that a poet does not use a paintbrush and paint. Instead, the poet's paintbrush is his pen. His paint...his words.
Some people say that imagery is when the author uses words to paint pictures in the readers' minds.
It is the use of VIVID description to capture a specific image and portray that exact image to the reader.
Let's read the poem "Oranges" by Gary Soto. The pictures on this slide are all images presented in the poem. As you read the poem, be aware of the SENSORY DETAILS the author uses!
Imagery is when an
author creates an IMAGE in your mind.
To do this, authors use:
figurative language
(simile, metaphor, personification, onomatopoeia etc.)
sensory details
very descriptive language
IMAGERY= those areas of stories where you feel like you're there...you can smell the ocean, you can hear the sounds of the carnival, you can feel the tension between characters....all those images that paint vivid pictures in our minds that transport us, the reader, into the story.
Writers use SENSORY WORDS to help their readers
, and
what the story is about.

We use our 5 senses to obtain information around us in the world. It's only natural that an author would tap into the 5 senses to create the vivid pictures of imagery, so the readers feel right there with them.
Take a look at this poem:
In the morning
while I eat my oatmeal
I can smell
the scent of toast
coming from our toaster.
Could you picture that in your mind really well? Let's read it again. Picture it in your mind.
In the morning
while I eat my oatmeal
I can smell
the scent of toast
coming from our toaster.
Let's add some sensory details to improve the poem's imagery.
In the
while I
eat my
I can smell
scent of
coming from our
tiny, tin
See the difference? The more sensory
details you add, the stronger your imagery...the more the reader is with you!
Instead of just TELLING the reader something, you need to SHOW them! You use VIVID language and sensory details so the readers feel as if they were sucked into the pages of the text!
I am afraid.
hands shaking
knees like rubber
covering mouth with hand
heavy, fast breathing
heart pounding
TEllING nervous:
I am nervous.
-tapping hands or feet
-biting bottom lip
-butterflies in stomach
-lump in throat
-playing with hair
With your group, SHOW...don't TELL
With your group, SHOW
don't TELL...

This marks the end of this Lesson.
He pushed his chair away, placed his hands on the dinner table and purposefully shoved the glass of milk toward her. Getting up from the table, he glared at his mother and made a growling sound that sounded as if it came from the depth of his soul. He bolted out of the room, kicked open the screen door, and let it slam against the wall as he dashed outside. He stomped down the front steps and flew into the yard. Grabbing the first rock in his path, he picked it up and hurled it back toward the house. It crashed through the living room window with an explosion of glass. His heart was pounding as he thought about what she had said to him. His eyes narrowed and the veins in his neck were bulging...becoming more pronounced by the minute. Red in the face, he punched his hand into his fist.
Sample Project
-Paragraph on index card is free from errors (shows not tells); never says word given
-picture is colorful (done on white paper, portrait)
-must use word given
distribute words
We are going to explore the sensory details Soto used in his poem.
Teacher- distribute handout.
Let's Read The Poem!

Let's Watch The Poem!
Teacher- Distribute worksheet.
This marks the end of
this Prezi.
Write a POE-esque
Love POEm.
Roses are red
Violets are blue.
My girlfriend is dead.
I wish I were, too.
Mary, how I love thee.
But you don't even notice me.
I wait outside your very door.
I buy you flowers from the store.
I write you notes; I send you pies.
But you prefer the other guys.
I am depressed and full of sorrow.
Life without you? I don't want a tomorrow.
I will wait here while you sleep.
And all I'll do is weep and weep.
Annabel Lee
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