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on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Dental

Building the Successful PPO Practice Through Proactive Patient Retention Systems
Toledo Dental Society April 2015
D) Hygienists
C) Dentists
B) Clinical Team members
A) Front office Team members
How many of the following are here today?

Treatment planning and case acceptance
Monday Morning It's a great day!
Time to check messages so we can begin our great day!
What just happened? How did our day just fall apart?
Coordinating Retention through your hygiene department
- What are the best methods to use to contact patients?
Every Monday contact patients due the following week for hygiene visit
Sunday to Saturday
Both: Call & E-mail

First Monday:
Second Monday:
Third Monday:
Fourth Monday:
-First Monday of the month contact patients three months past due for hygiene visit.
Both: Call & E-mail
-First Monday of the month contact patients six months past due for hygiene visit.
Both: Postcard & E-mail
-Second Monday of the month review report of all patients that have never had a hygiene appointment. Contact them three times then inactivate.
-Third Monday of the month contact all patients past due for previous month for hygiene visit.
Both: Call & E-mail
-Fourth Monday of the month contact all patients due month after next for hygiene visit.
Both: Postcard & E-mail
All patients in hygiene retention program will be contacted eight times in an 24 month period.
-Fourth Monday of the month contact all patients eighteen months past due
Both: Letter & Inactivate
-Second Monday of the month contact patients nine months past due for hygiene visit.
Both: Call & E-mail
-Third Monday of the month contact all patients twelve months past due
Both: Call & E-mail
Recare System
Let’s review
Subliminal meaning: Webster’s definition-
(Psychology) resulting from processes of which the individual is not aware
(Psychology) (of stimuli) less than the minimum intensity or duration required to elicit a response
What is one word that NO ONE should use in your practice?
The "C" Word
Yep, you guessed it. . .
If a patient tries to change your schedule, act
Call their bluff. . .
Make them a little uncomfortable, but be understanding at the same time.
- Is everything okay? Let that patient know that this is something that just doesn’t happen.
- Sick? Send them a get well card signed by the entire staff (do ahead of time)
- Meeting? You have a scheduled meeting with us too, we have a hour of your and our providers time. Is there anyway you can make it?
"I’m so sorry you can’t make your reserved time, because Heidi our hygienist is so well loved her next appointment is (six weeks out)"
-Give them two choices like they are still in control and ask them if you can put them on your priority list in the unlikely event you have a change in your schedule.
is a great word when training your patients!!
Block Scheduling
Hygienist or dentist first?
Average new patients per month? = N
X= how many new patient blocks needed on schedule

Pre-appoint six month appointment
- How often do we contact them?
- How do we make sure patients don’t slip through the cracks?
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