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No description

Eldin abella

on 26 June 2018

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Transcript of HYBRIDITY

In art forms, hybridity could mean the blurring of traditional distinct boundaries between artistic media such as painting, sculpture, film, performance, architecture, and dance.
Name of Artwork: Lord of the Flies
Name of Artist: Felix Bacolor

Name of Artwork: Family
Name of Artist: Raffy Napay

This Artwork is Contemporary because it was made in 2016 and has a use of plastic and toys. It reflects the people of today because its shows the ideas of corruption and decay and contrast them with the luster of plastic.
This is made out of Thread and glow in the dark canvas. It was presented in Art Fair 2016. This art shows connections of family that no matter how far they are we still love and miss them ever now and then.
Name of Artwork: Our Lady of Revenge
Name of Artist: Riel Hilario

This is made out of carved wood, metal, fiberglass, and found objects. This was presented in Art Fair 2016. This art exemplifies artist’s wit, humor, and intellect
Name of Artwork: A Living Sacrifice
Name of Artist: Daniel Dela Cruz

This art is made out of Metal and wax candles. This is also shown in Art Fair 2016. It shows the catholic practice of lighting candles and praying for divine intercession.

Name of Artwork: President Rodrigo Duterte in the Center of the Triangle
Name of Artist: Elito Circa

The blood painter revealed that he has already made paintings of Senator Manny Pacquiao and members of the Circa family. Asked on why he uses blood for his artworks, the blood painter said that “blood signifies life.”
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