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OverFishing in Australia

The cause and course of ovefishing

Beverley Wang

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of OverFishing in Australia

Overfishing in Australia ......... The main cause of overfishing is . . .
MARKET DEMAND This may be the most obvious cause. Over 80 million tonnes of the world's fish catches are sold in international markets every year Fisheries are the world's most globalised food industry.
With the world's marine catch increasing signifcantly in the last 40 years, there has been a high pressure put on fish stocks The world's leading country adverages at approximately at 25% of the worlds catches And The Leading country is . . . China Fish is a popular food with most coutries of the world, so it is expected to have high demand Numerous fishing fleets from all over, refuse to accept that there is a reduction in their catches. Course of overfishing . . . . . . . . There are many people desperate to try to save, not just endangered species of fish. But also the natural enviromental food chain that is connected to this problem Australia, Japan and New Zealand are working
desperately to save the depletion of fish stocks Taiwan Indonesia Korea
These countries though are apperently unconcerened about the depletion of fish stocks So they keep overfishing fish stocks that are already dangerously low To summaries Cause The main cause of overfishing in market demand and the preferences of the consumer Course Though there are countriestrying hard to save the marine life, there are others who keep overfishing ignoring the consequences. So fish stocks will defiantely die out unless all overfishing stops. Also is overfishing doesn't stop, this world will not get better Thank You
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