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Own a Fun Business in Education

No description

Nickie Race Jones

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Own a Fun Business in Education

This is your opportunity to join Australasia’s leading language organisation! Fun Languages has 25 years experience teaching languages to kids across the globe French, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, German and English PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED PROGRAMS
developed over 25 years Ongoing business training and support Are you thinking....
How can I start
a small business
so I can spend
more time at home
with my family? How can I start
my own small business? What small business should I start? How can I find something I am passionate about? How can I find a business that will work around my kids? How can I create something
REWARDING? I want to work for myself but not
by myself I want to join an inspiring team of like-minded people What first
steps should I take? I am passionate about languages and children I would love to use my knowledge of languages in my business. Our team of enthusiastic managers deliver language programs to 2-12 year old kids across Australia and New Zealand. There is great opportunity for well-organised, passionate educators! We provide ongoing business support and training Our regular teacher training workshops will give you and your teachers the skills and confidence you need In School Programs After-school language
programs Childcare
Centres and Preschools Holiday
Programs Are you ready to become profitable and successful in your own business? Simple Business Model Recognised Brand Marketing support Proven Growth Fun and Supportive Team All while having FUN! Are you ready to create the freedom to enjoy the things you love the most? Are you ready to take the next step?

www.lcfclubs.co.nz Find out more about this FUN AFFORDABLE business opportunity
TODAY! Visit
for more information
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