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FaZe Clan

If you don't know who or what FaZe Clan is here's 1 fact: They're one of the most known clans in all of Call of Duty!

Syndicate Project

on 8 September 2012

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Transcript of FaZe Clan

IF YOU WANT TO SEE AN EXAMPLE ON HOW TO USE THIS TEMPLATE, PLEASE CHECK: https://prezi.com/n-8ibkiw881r/number-systems/ FaZe Clan was started on May 30th, 2010 by their 3 "original" founders Timid (formely House Cat), Resistance and CLipZ. FaZe Clan! Later on as the years past by, FaZe Temperrr was promoted into position as the "leader" of FaZe although a lot of people say he made FaZe which actually isn't true. FaZe Fakie was originaly known as "Whos Magic" and joined about a year ago. No one knows the exact day he joined FaZe but his introduction video which was uploaded Jan 21st, 2011 got a million hits later on in Youtube and he became one of the most recognized members of FaZe. FaZe 'Fakie' FaZe Clan How it ALL started.... Intro FaZe's Videos FaZe Clan It's kinda a 1 in a million to join FaZe clan. Especially if they don't do it on requests and plus the clan is invite only. If you DO join FaZe, you get an introduction video featuring you. Joining FaZe So I decided to make this because FaZe has inspired me. Hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to FaZe. For more info check out their Twitter or like them on Facebook. Support them by buying one of their Apparels and Controllers. Peace! ;) That's All Folks! Hey you guys, welcome! Here's a brief introduction to one of the world's most famous clan in Call of Duty history! FaZe has many types of videos from Montages to Episodes and even Dualtages and Teamtages! It's only when FaZe Temperrr happens to join a lobby (Xbox only, sorry PSN members) and if he thinks you're good enough, he might invite you in. You also atleast have to have good editing skills for videos which FaZe is looking for more. How To Get Invited FaZe Clan What is FaZe? Well in Call of Duty, there are groups or organizations known as "clans" online. If you happen to join one then you're a part of their "pack". Clans always play together or alone at times. BUT people decided to take things to the next level. Such as making a new account with your clan username (because 4 digit letters is not enough) and making videos and posting them online. One of these clans is FaZe Clan. Get ready to hear more! :)
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